Corporate positioning & marketing strategies

Earned Media

Corporate Positioning and Company Marketing Strategies

Smart company marketing strategies prioritize earned media – the unmatched power of buzz and conversations from others about your brand. From journalists’ positive reports to published and shared praises from happy customers, the value of earned media takes corporate positioning to a whole new level.

High-performing company marketing strategies make the best use of both online and offline earned media. Social media channels like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are obvious homes of earned media, but other digital media outlets such as blogs, online forums and review sites can all be leveraged to get people talking about your brand.

It’s not all about digital marketing, though. Studies have shown that, even in the tech-happy world of the 21st century, word-of-mouth recommendations – the ultimate earned media – remain the single most trusted source for consumers. Smart corporate positioning and media relations can have a positive influence on what people are saying about your brand. At Beyond Fifteen, we are experts in helping our clients spread the word and build their brands by delivering a tailored and focused earned media strategy.

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