Lauren Ellermeyer, President (Odd Days)


Lauren Ellermeyer is more than an accomplished public relations specialist. She’s a forward-thinking entrepreneur with a passion for all things business, with a priority on steering growth and success for her clients. Ellermeyer, who sits on some of Orange County’s most prominent boards, including Tech Coast Venture Network and American Family Housing, is no stranger to today’s evolving marketplace and its impact on optimistic start-ups and mega corporations.

From high tech to higher education, Ellermeyer’s wide range of expertise and relationships across multiple verticals keeps her steps ahead of her clients’ immediate and future needs – no matter their size. But for Ellermeyer, building business is more than understanding her clients’ products or services. It’s about constantly being on the lookout for ideas that are progressive, sometimes daring and always results-driven.

Fluent in Spanish, Ellermeyer’s business acumen delivers solid thinking and execution on a bilingual level, an added plus to any client targeting Hispanic audiences.

A passion for business is not only in Ellermeyer’s blood; it’s a significant part of her extracurricular life. When she’s not brainstorming strategies, networking with industry leaders or connecting people to opportunities, Ellermeyer is collaborating with well-known organizations like TedXOrange Coast and Visionary Executives Network. She also devotes her time to countless business owners and students from renowned institutions and programs such as Concordia University and UCI Harvard Leadership Series, educating and inspiring them to become successful entrepreneurs.

Prior to co-founding Beyond Fifteen Communications, Ellermeyer owned and operated BCN Events, and also served as an account manager at an Orange County-based agency where she built client brand recognition through national media exposure. Ellermeyer received a bachelor’s degree in public relations and communications from the European University.

Leslie Licano, President (Even Days)


Leslie Licano, co-founder and CEO of Beyond Fifteen Communications, is an award-winning public relations strategist, renowned for her ability to spotlight individuals and companies as trendsetters, innovators and newsmakers. As leader of client strategy, Licano steers her team toward breakthrough work through high-concept thinking while serving as chief counsel to the company’s extensive roster of wide-ranging clients.

A seasoned pro with a masterful ability to think like an agency strategist, a journalist and a client, Licano’s honed ability to create news consistently catapults her clients into the local and national limelight—allowing them to reach their core audiences, impact public perception and increase sales and revenues.

Prior to founding Beyond Fifteen, Licano was a senior account executive with a regional media relations agency where she served as a lead writer, concept-builder, and media placement specialist. For years, she has also served as a regular contributor to a number of national newspapers and magazines—experience that inspires her talent for identifying media hooks and nurturing influential relationships with top writers, editors and producers at leading media outlets across the nation. Also, her experience on the communications team at Sperry Van Ness, one of the largest real estate brokerages in the United States; as well as her own entrepreneurship, offer her a unique edge in understanding the demands of both small and large businesses—allowing her to deliver the results and ROI each of her clients expects and deserves.

Licano received a bachelor’s degree in communications with an emphasis in public relations from California State University, Fullerton. Her work has been recognized with the prestigious industry honor, the PROTOS Award, on multiple occasions.