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Public Relations & Digital Marketing Agency
Building Brand Awareness & Increasing Sales

Clients in the Limelight

From PR services like securing brag-worthy front-page headlines to driving business leads with inbound web traffic, building social media loyalists and more — helping your business reach its marcom goals is what our marketing and public relations agency does best.

Our Clients

We are honored and grateful to work with best-in-class brands across the technology, healthcare, manufacturing, education and consumer packaged goods industries among others.

An omnichannel strategy as unique as your brand

We find the sweet spot between earned, owned and paid media by offering our clients a seamlessly integrated marketing and public relations strategy.

Our Philosophy

A lot can happen in 15 minutes. A front- page headline, a hot story, a new YouTube celebrity; but what really matters is what happens after those 15 minutes of fame. That’s where we come in. From media relations to social media marketing to working with your industry’s top influencers, we’re not just about achieving success, but sustaining it. It’s in our blood – and our name. Along with the rest of these principles.

We’re natural born killers.

You’ll find that we have good instincts, learn our clients’ territory fast and have a competitive spirit that stems from the reality that we only eat what we kill.

Our mission is to make our clients rich and our fathers proud.

This keeps us focused on two big things:

  1. Delivering for those who hire us, and
  2. Playing it on the straight and narrow.

We think smart, move quickly and work hard.

We know that what is fresh, vibrant and compelling today becomes stale, dull and irrelevant by tomorrow. By eliminating the bureaucracy and inefficiency of a mega-agency, our marketing and PR company is able to move quickly to keep our clients’ messages, reputations, perspectives and relationships up to date, ahead of the curve, and in front of the pack — none of this “launch a few initiatives and now we’re done” sort of thing.

We see the beauty of Plain Jane.

Let’s face it, a lot of products and services don’t have the inherent high interest as others. Not everything sparkles! Creating interest in the relatively mundane takes a bit more creativity, hard work and persistence. We know how to draw attention to what makes you so special — and it happens to be one of our marketing and public relations agency’s core competencies.

We’re people pleasers at heart.

We eat, sleep and breathe PR. It is our everyday goal to support our clients’ objectives, increase their revenues and profits and improve corporate value. We do that by using the full spectrum of our combined talents, skills and abilities, and nothing makes us happier.

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