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Leverage loyal customers and industry influencers to grow your brand.

Influencers are the new celebrities. They’ve established credibility among large followings and have become indispensable to marketing teams by virtue of their authenticity, credibility, loyal followings and high-quality engagement. As it becomes more difficult to build trust in a cluttered market, targeted influencer marketing has established itself as a critical element of a fully integrated campaign.

Learn more about the power of influencer marketing.

What is an influencer strategy?

An influencer marketing strategy is a type of social media promotion that relies on endorsements and mentions from influencers to engage audiences for maximum brand awareness. This is done to take advantage of social proof, which works to generate another step to impact potentially revenue-generating profiles about a company, service or product by using a key group opinion leader. 

Impactful marketing using influencers

Use of influencer marketing as part of social media marketing (SMM) has expanded rapidly. The planning and approach that some previously dismissed as a fad completely revolutionized digital marketing to conversions and online sales. If word-of-mouth marketing is still the most effective strategy available, then replicating it overall through social media seems to make perfect sense for companies. The best thing is that influencer marketing’s continued growth has demonstrated that both brands and influencers benefit from it.

1. Expand your brand's reach

Your placement and reach in the market are increased by using influencer marketing. Your followers and target audience can learn more about your business, your story and the products and services you offer. Influencers raise brand awareness and make consumers add your brand to their list. Additionally, collaborating with an influencer has the power to tell millions of people that your brand is a leader in your sector as a result of organic insights.

2. Trend-setting figures

The best sources of information about new items in their field are content creators that specialize in your niche or space. Audiences respect and frequently worship the views of the influencers they follow, which prove valuable with real-time results, whether in the fields of fashion, gaming, beauty or fitness. This is only one of the many powerful and useful aspects of influencer marketing that is cost-effective.

3. Influencers help your brand reach a younger audience or market

Connecting to your audience is a real skill, especially with Gen-Z and millennials, who favor digital media more and more. These target markets benefit your brand potential by providing you with essential access to one of the most lucrative demographics in business and must be included in your influencer marketing strategies.

4. Influencers push conversions

Consumers are increasingly relying on influencers. They are the new celebrities. Their testimonials, shares, posts and stories are powerful for their followers. They are the ultimate source of truth and authority for social media users.

Before making a purchase, one in two shoppers researches the opinions or recommendations of influencers. This has a hundred times greater value for them than a typical web review.

5. They generate leads

Lead generation strategies have shifted substantially in recent years due to the rapid growth of social media as a means for linking companies with customers. Because of this shift in communication, more customers find their information faster, feedback is more real-time and the media is also passed on quicker than ever before.

Influencers increasingly dominate how products are viewed. Their experiences are valuable, which makes them more relatable for consumers.

How it Works

Our agency can match you with influencers who best represent your brand’s lifestyle and mission—to help create and boost buzz and to positively influence purchase decisions. Partnering with Beyond Fifteen allows you to: