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Share your brand's story with the world.

It’s one thing to tout the benefits of your brand. It’s another to have someone else do it. That’s the beauty of media relations.

Getting your brand recognized in the news brings reputable third-party credibility to your business – not to mention massive reach and widespread brand awareness. Whether pitching a thought leadership story, placing a press release or positioning your team as the go-to experts to interview about hot industry topics, our team of seasoned media relations experts monitors the news cycle daily and identifies opportunities to get your brand the limelight it deserves.

Learn how our effective and powerful PR services can land your brand in the news.

How we do it:

We understand the media landscape:

We have deep media relationships across a variety of industries and build custom media lists to reach the audiences that matter to you. We also constantly scan the headlines and monitor industry trends to identify opportunities for your brand to join or lead the conversation.

We speak the language:

We understand what journalists want and need and have honed our ability to develop tailored pitches and PR content and marketing deliverables to meet their needs.

We guide you through the process, every step of the way:

Whether we’re setting you up for broadcast, radio or print interviews, our agency can provide talking points and tips to help you slay your media interviews and keep journalists inviting you back for more.

We measure everything!

We customize our measurement programs to each client’s KPIs, including the reach and impressions of each media placement, insights about ad valuation and SEO value, a breakdown of web visits attributable to press releases and more.

Public Relations FAQ:

Public relations services create favorable impressions and maintain desired public opinion within a company’s stakeholder audience. Agencies do this in a variety of ways, such as engaging in media relations activities (pitches, press releases, event planning and more), or engaging directly with stakeholders through owned social media and building relationships through interactions in comment sections or direct messages.

Public relations can encompass a lot of tactics. Therefore, you should look for a PR agency that creates a tailored approach to achieve your specific goals. A PR agency should serve as a true partner, invested in your success and work collaboratively with your team. More than just doers, a strategic PR partner can provide advice and recommendations in real time to ensure you get the best possible results.

Public relations agencies can help your business strategically achieve meaningful results. Agencies often have staff that are skilled in strategy, writing and content creation, design, execution and measurement. And a team coming together around your brand can be far more impactful than what a single in-house individual can achieve alone.

Almost every company out there can use public relations services, whether they’re a small business or a large corporation. Our clients need our services to help them grow brand awareness, build stakeholder relationships, plan and promote events, engage in media relations on their behalf, position them as thought leaders and more.

Again, this depends on your goals. Some key metrics to track might include the number of media placements, publication reach and target audience, website domain authority, traffic to your brand website and time on site, share of voice and sentiment. Setting a benchmark at the beginning of a program and tracking monthly will help you understand if you are achieving your goals.

Public relations offers fantastic opportunities to stay in touch and top of mind for your target audiences, foster the relationships you have built and make sure you are on the same page.

Through our PR advertising services, we streamline your communication process to improve messaging and reach new audiences. Our area of expertise is ensuring that your audience understands how exceptional your services and offerings are. This can help increase traffic to your online properties, making it much simpler for clients to locate you.

Beyond Fifteen’s foundation is in the provision of top-notch services and advertising strategies that target prospective clients.

Businesses may have to deploy several public relations activities for a strategic communication process to be successful.

Here’s what you need to know to get started.

1. Getting the right attention through media relations
To communicate important and tactical messages to the target audience, a positive working relationship with the media is necessary. This can be done by distributing press releases, offering expert interviews or contributing byline articles.

Creating captivating news stories for media is a win-win for all parties, as journalists need a steady supply of news to fill their pages and airwaves.

2. Building strong community relations
While the media is a crucial outlet for PR professionals, there are times when direct contact with the community or audience through owned channels (such as a company blog) is a more successful method of communication. There should be a two-way interaction between an organization and the community where it operates.

For example, gathering information from the people in the neighborhood is just as crucial when a corporation launches a new facility. This requires excellent listening abilities as well as the capacity to organize activities.

3. Public relations as support to government relationships
To communicate successfully in public affairs, decision-makers require industry knowledge and data-driven analytics. These are accomplished through investments in one-on-one consultations, the creation of many drafts, in-depth investigation into various topics for consumers and the use of both green and white papers.

A public affairs spokesperson or specialist’s responsibility is to make sure that the organization’s ideas, in this case those of the government, are in line with the needs of the general population. The entire PR affairs team operates in synchrony to ensure that any tool, material or update supplied is pertinent and persuasive enough to have an impact on high-level decisions.