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Amplify Your Brand With Social Media Marketing Services

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Creating and Managing
Social Media Campaigns

If you want to connect directly with your customers (and why wouldn’t you), social media is the way to do it! Customers turn to social media for a variety of reasons; it’s not just about sharing their latest baking exploits or fun pet photos. It’s also about connecting with brands on a more intimate level. Your posts go right into their feeds, along with posts from friends and family. Social media allows you to engage your audience in a two-way conversation and presents an unprecedented value proposition for enhancing brand recognition and generating customer interest.  

Are you new to social media or feel like you’re not getting the engagement your brand deserves?

We’ll roll up our sleeves and guide you through the ins and outs of the social media landscape. From strategy to content creation, from posting to replies, we’ve got your back. While it may seem like a lot of work (because it is), we know you’ll love seeing the engagement from your customers as those likes and comments start flowing in. 

Why Choose Our Social Media Marketing Services

We’re going to be there the entire way. If your brand is already on social media, we’ll dive in with a current media audit to see what your brand is posting, what’s performing well and what might be falling flat. Whether your brand is new to being social or an old hand, we’ll identify opportunities and threats, create a strategy, develop content and even help you know how to respond to customers online.

Learn About Our Affordable Social Media Marketing Services

Everyone. Seriously — everyone. Social media is no longer a “nice to have” in the marketing world. It’s not just for young people, and it shouldn’t be ignored. It’s an absolute must, and depending on your brand and target audience, it could be the most important piece of your media plan and customer outreach.

Social Media Marketing Services For Business - Taking Your Brand to The Next Level

  • Weave meaningful and authentic content into the social web
  • Listen to and make friends with your target audiences
  • Create a corporate persona across the most important social networking sites
  • Engage customers in ways that keep them interested
  • Manage set-up and fan-building activities
  • Convert brand loyalists into brand ambassadors
  • Manage your online reputation

Grow Your Audience And Increase Your Online Engagement With Customized Services For Social Media Marketing

Big or small, Beyond Fifteen can design a customized social media program that will deliver meaningful results. We’ll set goals together and then create a brand-specific campaign to meet those goals. If it’s engagement and brand awareness you’re seeking, we’ll make sure to get those likes, shares and comments to increase. If your brand is more focused on sales, we can show you how to leverage social media to give your revenue a boost. Every brand will have a different set of social media goals, which means our approach and key outcomes will be specific to your company.

Social Media Marketing FAQ:

There’s no simple answer to that question. It all depends on what your business is and what your goals are. For social media to be successful, it is important to clearly define your target demographic and identify where they spend their time – then, the best platform to prioritize, is the one where your audience is most engaged.

Each agency is different in the way they charge for their services. Some charge a flat retainer fee for services that will last during the length of the contract. Others will require pay based on the number of hours they put into your account each month. Some offer integrated plans and others will require you to buy separate plans for social media and PR. These are important questions to ask any company you’re considering for a contract. To dive deeper, read our blog “How Much Should Digital Marketing Cost?”

This varies heavily based on the agency. Most social media marketing services will provide organic support, which can include creating compelling and sharable social media posts to go directly on your owned channels and build engagement. Others offer paid social media advertising as a cost-effective and successful way to drive interest in the brand and to send targeted traffic to your website. When seeking a partner, it is important to ask:

  1. Do you create original graphics to support posts?
  2. Do you handle the posting and monitoring of the social channels?
  3. Do you respond to comments?
  4. Do you provide regular reports and metrics?

That’s a topic that someone could write a doctoral thesis on, and we’ve already written a lot on this topic as well. Multiple blogs, actually. So, we’ll keep what you read here down to a few quick tips:

DO: Post relevant content. All content that goes up on your social accounts needs to be relevant to you and engaging to your audience. If you want to build a community around your social presence it can’t be done by posting exclusively with the purpose of getting people to buy something from you. There’s no opportunity for dialogue when you do that, and people will scroll right by.

DON’T: Post randomly. Most social media platforms offer business accounts a way to see when most of their audience is active, so you don’t want to stray from those times without a good reason. Consistency goes a long way in building a social following.

DO: Be authentic. Whether that is inserting humor or being inspirational. People are more likely to engage in content that is authentic and feels more like a conversation with a friend than a computer.

DON’T: Be derivative. Your social media content should have a look unique to your company. Something memorable to draw the eye and make sure you stand out from the crowd to the people scrolling by.

If you want more information, check out these blogs: Tips for Engaging Creative for Social Content and Advertising: Why Shorter is Indeed Sweeter, or What’s the Best Way to Develop a Social Media Calendar?