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14 Tips to Getting More LOVE on Social Media in 2021

Everyone wants to feel wanted and appreciated, and it’s no different for your brand. If your brand is looking for some extra attention, here are 14 tips for getting more love on social media this year:

  1. Cozy up with the basics – Make sure the basic principles of a strong social media presence are covered by selecting platforms that are the best fit for your target audience and offering a content style that lends itself to promoting your product.
  2. Embrace social shopping – If you’ve got a product to sell, social shopping is a great way to heat things up with your target audience, giving them the option for instant gratification.
  3. Put in the effort – Show interest in your target audience and impress your followers by creating content that speaks to them. They’ll appreciate the gesture and reciprocate with engagement!
  4. Show it with video – Capture your target market’s attention with short video ads that leave them wanting more.
  5. Start a conversation – It takes two to tango and social media allows for that intimate connection with your customer. Prompt your desired engagement by starting a bigger, two-way conversation.
  6. Be real – We don’t want to sound like a broken record, because we’ve said this before, but authenticity is key! Get real with your target audience and make sure posts are in line with your brand’s positioning.
  7. Build relationships – You can’t just make a few posts and hope that your audience loves them. Social media is all about building relationships. If your customer comments, take time to comment back, provide a helpful link or repost where appropriate.
  8. Plan your dates – If you want your followers to love you, you must plan the perfect date… uhhh… dates. Utilize an editorial calendar and plan out your posts at least a month in advance. This will help you make sure that you can implement an overarching strategy and not be rushed for content.
  9. Go with the flow – While we do encourage planning your posts, it’s also important to stay flexible so that you can jump on trends and current events when appropriate.
  10. Sharing is caring – Create content that’s perfect for sharing. Then your followers can share their love and appreciation of your brand with others.
  11. Pick up the tab – Sometimes you may need to spend a little to reach your audience. Consider investing in paid placements for your content.
  12. Check in – Want to make sure your relationship is blossoming? Check in by checking out the analytics on your platform. This will give you a good idea of what’s performing well and where you might have some opportunities.
  13. Build a community – When they know you’re the one, they’ll want to introduce you to their friends and family. Make sure to build a community by making your page the perfect place to interact and connect with other fans of your brand.
  14. Turn to experts – If you need help spicing up your audience relationship, get some help! Our social media experts would be happy to answer your questions or even develop a social media strategy that makes your audience fall in love with your brand.

Now’s the time for your brand to take the social media leap, put itself out there and get that lovin’!

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