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2015: Social Trends and Predictions

LikesThere’s No Such Thing as a “Social Media Expert.”

These days, if someone tells you that they’re a social media “expert,” they’re fibbing. That’s because social media changes so much – and so quickly – that it’s nearly impossible to know every single thing about it before it changes all over again.

At Beyond Fifteen, we’re open about the fact that social media isn’t like traditional PR – or any other form of communication, for that matter. It’s multifaceted, increasingly complex, constantly changing, and did we mention, constantly changing? But it’s what makes this growing channel one of the most important modes of communication for your brand and your audience – and why you need Beyond Fifteen to keep you abreast of the latest knowledge, trends and opportunities.

No one is a true “expert” in social media, but through our tireless exploration and applied knowledge – which keeps us steps ahead of the social media game – we are experts in making you look like one.

What’s in Store for 2015?

We may not have a crystal ball, but through our insights and research, we’re pretty good at foreseeing the future. Here’s a peek at some of the top predictions for 2015.

  • Facebook’s algorithm will change – again. Surprise, surprise! The latest revisions will actually impact marketers in a big way, giving the News Feed volume and content controls for promotional posts. This will equate to users seeing more of what they want from company pages – and less of the posts that make organic updates appear too promotional, like out-of-context sales pushes, sweepstakes or posts that reuse the exact same content from ads.
  • Pictures speak louder than words. More users are engaging with visual-based social media networks like Snapchat, Vine, Instagram and Pinterest, and the difference in brand engagement rates is significant: 4.2% for Instagram, versus less than a percentage point for Facebook and Twitter. This indicates a massive shift for content marketing: less tell, more show.
  • LinkedIn is bigger than you think. Exciting opportunities in the B2B space, including a new publishing platform, equate to a more robust, central gathering point for LinkedIn’s 300+ million users – especially B2B marketers and even journalists. Not surprisingly, LI is poised become “the” only reference source for job seekers and employers. Time to retire your traditional resume and reference list? Maybe.
  • A year of analysis. There’s so much going on in the social world – new developments, new platforms – but 2015 is slated to be a year of smart thinking and analyzing. Brands may spend less time exploring new platforms and more time reviewing recent data and metrics to figure out what’s working for them (and what’s not) before taking the leap with new, uncharted opportunities.


To learn even more about this year’s predictions and how they can positively affect your business and brand, contact B|15. We’re here to help tip 2015’s forecast in your favor.


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