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4 great social media content ideas


PR firms worth their salt will tell you that a regular stream of social media content is key to both keeping your existing customers engaged with your brand, and getting your message out to potential new customers. But constantly producing new social media content on a regular basis isn’t always easy – especially when that content needs to be fresh, informative, insightful, relevant and, above all, engaging. As a leading public relations and communications firm providing services for social media marketing in Orange County, we’ve put together a few ideas that should help you to generate new content when you feel you’ve done it all.

  1. Use a daily theme – especially those with well established hashtags on social media. Can you use #ThrowbackThursday to share something about the history of your brand, or perhaps a historic milestone in your industry or sector? How about #MotivationMonday to share a positive and uplifting message relevant to your brand or products? Adopt or come up with your own brand-specific daily themes – such as #TechTuesday or #FunFactFriday – and (as many PR firms will advise you) constantly monitor to see what sort of content drives the highest levels of engagement.
  1. Ask questions of your audience. Sometimes, engagement has to be encouraged. Posting an image or meme, or a link to a blog or article without additional comment, is different than posting the same content and asking your audience “What do you think?” or “Which is your favorite?” or “Do you agree?” The questions you ask can be lighthearted or bold and controversial, but either way they are more likely to drive engagement with your content. If relevant and appropriate, consider posting an opinion poll – this can have the added bonus of capturing valuable customer feedback.
  1. Take advantage of holidays and other themed days. You can use this to promote your products or services either directly (e.g. to promote a Halloween sale) or indirectly (e.g. a series of “Did you know?” facts). Don’t just stick to the obvious holidays either. Did you know June 5th is Hot Air Balloon Day? Or that Earth Day is April 22nd? Or that August 2nd is Coloring Book Day? Think creatively, and where possible always try to ensure that you relate the content back to your brand.
  1. Show the human face of your business. As a PR and communications firm, we’re reminded all the time that people engage best with people, not with faceless corporate entities. There can be tremendous engagement advantages – especially for small businesses – in letting people see the faces behind your brand, whether that’s in the form of a staff profile, Q&A, or a short bio or opinion piece. Remember not to just concentrate on those at the top of your company: people want to know about your designers, your programmers, your delivery drivers, and the people who’ll be dealing with their orders, not just the CEO and finance director!

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