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After the Algorithms: How to Remain Relevant on Social Media

In the ever-changing world of social media, businesses have a lot to contend with. Increased advertising costs, algorithms designed to limit the reach of pages and a user base anxious about privacy and data sharing are just a few of the concerns influencing a company’s social strategy.

And while maintaining a consistent social voice is critical, it can be challenging to create engaging content during slower news periods. New executives, partnerships, and products don’t come around every day. In this environment, how do you keep your business in the thoughts and conversations of your audience without altering your branding?

  1. Give the People What They Want

Sometimes, you don’t have to create entirely new content. A good option for a dry news cycle is revamping old content that received a lot of engagement—especially video content. As recent reports have shown, short video content continues to produce the most engagement across social channels. A new caption and some modified hashtags can freshen up a piece significantly. If you already know what works, why not utilize it?

  1. Put a Face to the Name

It may sound obvious, but humans engage with humanized content. While posts centered around products, marketing and accolades have their value in social strategy, audiences appreciate and engage with company culture, employee spotlights and behind-the-scenes moments. Humanizing your brand helps to create trust and empathy in your audience. Through influencer marketing, you can put a face to your product. Especially given the recent changes to the Facebook algorithm, which serve to decrease the organic reach of a page’s post and favor content posted by a user’s friends and family, sharing photos of a happy, successful team can be a way to incorporate some of those same qualities while generating thoughtful exposure.

  1. Create Content That’s Right on the Money

These days, it is virtually impossible to create a successful social media strategy without investing in social advertising. Even organic posts can benefit from a simple boost to promote reach and the potential for greater engagement; thus, I often recommend boosting a post that has already attained high engagement organically to maximize exposure. Above all, you will want to ensure that you are supporting your organic content with follower acquisition campaigns and built-out targeting. You want to capture the right audience—one that will engage with your content—visit your website and interact with your brand for a long time.

When used effectively, social media can generate sales leads, promote brand awareness, create conversions and even foster a community. In order to maximize your brand’s social potential during a news lull, try repurposing successful content, providing an inside look to the heart of your organization and supporting your organic efforts with thoughtful advertising.

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