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Being an Expert Isn’t Enough.

There’s no denying that fierce competition and a cluttered marketplace remain some of the top challenges faced by today’s brands – no matter their size. And more than ever, being a field expert, while mandatory, is hardly enough to differentiate. Brands are pressured to find other ways to stand out from the crowd, and it often takes some creative thinking.

At Beyond Fifteen, we’re all about helping businesses grow, and we know standing apart is where it all begins. Our arsenal is full of many approaches that fit the “creative thinking” category – and the “big fish, small pond” concept is definitely a standout strategy.

Say you’re a law firm (like Beyond Fifteen’s civil litigation client, Pyka Lenhardt Schnaider Zell, for example), you’re an expert in all things legal. Unfortunately, so are hundreds of other competing firms. But not every law firm has more than 160 years of combined experience among their equity partners in defending litigated claims arising from the restaurant, club and nightlife industry like PLSZ. Beyond Fifteen identified this unique selling proposition set the firm apart from the pack, defining them as the go-to-expert in a growing niche market. Simply put, we positioned PLSZ as a big fish in a small pond.

Beyond Fifteen secured coverage for PLSZ in numerous industry-specific trade publications, including Restaurant Hospitality and Estiator Magazine, effectively reaching their niche target audiences by providing highly relevant and helpful content.

The “big fish, small pond” concept sounds simple enough, but it takes the right strategy and tactics to make it successful. Beyond Fifteen has helped many clients find their niche, embrace it, and stand out among the crowd.

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