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5 Signs It’s Time to Hire a Digital Marketing and PR Agency

Want to unlock your brand’s full potential? It might be time to hire a digital marketing and PR agency. From developing a comprehensive digital marketing strategy to crafting compelling messages and content that speaks to your target audience, hiring a digital marketing and PR agency can help your business get results.  

So, how do you know if you need help or not? Here are five signs it’s time to hire a digital marketing and PR agency:

1. You’re overwhelmed with your workload

If you find you never have enough time in the day because you’re spending more time thinking of social media posts and writing blogs than focusing on doing what you do best, it might be time to consider an agency. You need availability to run the day-to-day of your company, network, develop process improvements and other valuable tasks for your core business activities. If juggling your marketing and PR efforts is taking away from your main tasks, it’s time to hire a digital marketing and PR agency.  

You can post on social media, write blogs and create other content yourself, but it is very time consuming. Outsourcing these tasks by hiring a digital marketing and PR agency that specializes in these areas will be more efficient. It will not only alleviate some of your workload by removing it from your plate, but also elevates the quality because it’s being done by experts who know the ins and outs of PR and digital marketing strategy. They’re working in their wheelhouse; freeing you to work in yours. 

2. You’re unsure of performance

Being able to assess performance is a key component to PR strategy. If you can’t ascertain whether what you’re doing is working or know how to evaluate the success of your campaigns, it’s time to hire a digital marketing and PR agency.  

 Putting in the effort and budget and not knowing if it’s paying off is not a good approach. Hiring a digital marketing and PR agency that is skilled at collecting and analyzing data will give you the information you need to assess performance. The agency will provide reports so you can accurately measure and track the success of digital marketing efforts and see if it’s helping you reach your goals.   

 3. Growth is stagnant

You’re pretty sure you were getting results, but now you’ve hit a slow point or even come to a standstill with driving leads and sales. Whether it’s seasonal or otherwise, you need to keep your business moving forward with a steady stream of leads through your pipeline. By partnering with a digital marketing and PR agency, you are able to actively pursue your goals including lead generation, increasing return on investment (ROI) and boosting sales.

4. There’s no plan

If your PR strategy lacks planning and cohesion, then it’s likely time to consult with a digital marketing and PR agency. It’s possible to manage things in-house on your own, even if you need outsourced help from freelancers and part-time employees, but then everything is siloed and works independently of one another.

These efforts should all support one another and be streamlined. While all serving unique purposes, your paid ad campaigns, organic social media, email marketing, blogs, media outreach and other tactics should all ultimately work effectively together to achieve the same goals. If they don’t, it’s just chaos and your customers will feel the disconnect.

If there’s no plan, it’s time to hire an agency that can help create a true omnichannel marketing strategy that optimizes all your assets and efforts across the board. Get the most mileage out of the content you create with cohesive digital marketing strategies that play into the different stages of the customer journey.  

5. You’re not getting results

Whether you’re juggling it in-house, are working with outsourced freelance partners or have forgone a digital marketing strategy altogether, if it’s not producing consistent results, it’s not working.

Bringing in a digital marketing and PR agency can help your brand avoid inconsistent, or worse, non-existent results. Particularly if you’re spending a valuable budget on placements and content creation, you need to see the results to match. Be sure to look for an agency that you can trust and has the characteristics needed to build a positive and lasting relationship.  

Time to bring on an agency

These five signs are common flags that it’s time to hire a digital marketing and PR agency, but there may be other indications that it’s time for your business to seek expert assistance. If you’re looking for help, Beyond Fifteen is an award-winning agency that delivers tangible results for clients across a wide range of industries.  

Reach out to schedule a call with Beyond Fifteen today and see how we can help you reach your digital marketing and PR goals. 

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