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Leveraging Social Media Marketing in the Tech Industry: A New Age Approach

Leveraging social media in the tech industry continues to delight customers with impressive and captivating innovations. To thrive in this dynamic and competitive sector, companies need more than just groundbreaking products and cutting-edge solutions. They require a strategic presence that includes harnessing tech industry social media trends. When tech companies and social media strategies are brought together, superior results can be achieved. Social media marketing in the tech industry is key to boosting brand visibility, engaging with the target audience and driving growth. 

Keep reading to get some insights on leveraging social media marketing tactics for tech-related products and services with a new-age approach.

Shaping consumer perception

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Image credit: Neal Schaffer 

Social media marketing in the tech industry plays an important role in shaping consumer perceptions about products and brands. Not only does 52% of online brand discovery come from social media, but 43% of internet users cited social media as a major source of information on what to purchase. Consumers interact with brands through social channels, and they also pay attention to how the brand interacts with its customers and what users are saying. This helps catch the target audience’s attention and follow the customer journey through the sales funnel, ultimately to purchase.  

Importance of authenticity and transparency
Social media marketing in the any industry, tech included, must come from a place of authenticity and transparency. Social media for technology businesses should be rooted in developing an ongoing relationship with the customer. A survey showed that 86% of Americans indicated that transparency on social media is so important, that if a brand’s communication is lacking that authenticity, they will take their business to a competitor. Brands need to take this to heart and provide honest and valuable content through social media channels.  

How do influencers fit in?

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Image credit: Sprout Social

Tech influencers on social media are an integral part of leveraging social media marketing in the tech industry. In fact, social media advertising for tech products can deliver excellent results both with paid ads and influencer posts. When it comes to selecting a platform, Instagram offers the highest ROI for influencer posts, followed by YouTube and then Facebook. There are several marketing goals that influencers can help marketers achieve, including reaching new audiences, generating engagement and supporting a community online.  

Tech startups and social media promotion, particularly influencer posts, should go hand-in-hand as demonstrations and testimonials from a trusted source are an excellent way to introduce new products to the target audience.  

Examples of success
Here are a couple successful examples of social media marketing in the tech industry: 

Spotify Wrapped – The audio streaming service provides an overview of user’s listening history for the year. Each December, users can review and most importantly, share, their personalized Spotify Wrapped video. This is a great example of social media marketing in the tech industry as it gets everyone talking about music, the app itself and can entice new users to create an account so that they can participate the following year. By integrating personalization, video and shareability, Spotify hit it out of the park with this yearly offering.  

Image credit: Spotify and TechCrunch

Apple Shot On iPhone – The mobile giant wanted to show off how incredible the cameras are on its phones. The brand known for being a leader in creative technology needed to get people excited and talking about the device’s visual capabilities. To do so, it launched a huge contest that asked users to “capture the little things in a big way.” iPhone users were encouraged to use the hashtag #ShotOniPhone for social media posts.  

This approach to social media marketing tapped user generated content (UGC) and paid off big for Apple, which received tens of thousands of entries that could then be highlighted on the company’s social media pages as well as in other advertising. This contest was such a hit it’s still ongoing.   

Preparing for future tech industry social media trends
Tech companies should be on the precipice of the latest and greatest online offerings . That includes social media marketing strategies. Digital marketing in the tech sector will need to be early adopters of new platforms and content options, putting them on the cutting edge of social media trends. 

Tech Industry Social Media marketing
Image credit: Apple, one of the 2022 winners, “Strawberry in Soda” by Ashely Lee

Leveraging social media in the tech industry trends to watch include: 

AI search – Both Google and Bing have already integrated AI search capabilities, and this is only the start. It’s likely that social media platforms will also start using AI-supported search in the future. This means that tech companies need to develop content that will be seen and promoted by AI search systems. 

Influencers – We touched on influencers above, and the strategy has become a fixture in social media marketing. Look for brands to tap micro- and nano-influencers over big celebrity endorsements. This will also make it possible for tech startups to embrace this approach.  

Social shopping – There is already a large shopping presence on social media, and it will become more seamless as time goes on. If not already, brands should make strides in in-app purchase capabilities through social media. 

Chatbots – We’ve already talked about how chatbots are the communication strategy of the future. As improvements are made in this area, brands will need to integrate chatbots through social media platforms (such as Messenger on Facebook), to keep up with the technology scene.

Finding success with social media marketing in the tech industry
When it comes to social media marketing in the tech industry, there are several factors that brands in the technology industry should consider. Social media marketing can be a major contributor to consumer perception. An emphasis should be placed on authenticity and transparency. Additionally, brands need to stay on top of tech industry social media trends, including the use of influencers, gearing up for AI search and more. Whether your brand is an established technology company, or a startup, these strategies can propel its social media marketing efforts.  

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