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Coming to grips with the changes to your business Facebook page

If your company has a business Facebook page, you’ll be well aware of how often the platform tweaks and changes things. While every change that the social media giant makes is ostensibly designed to offer users a better experience, it’s also true that Facebook changes – from major overhauls to minor tweaks – have the potential to be confusing and difficult to quickly wrap your head around. The most recent round of Facebook changes are intended to improve the experience for business Facebook page admins and users. There are three main features that have been revised in the latest business page rollout.

Recommendations have replaced ratings.Under the prior system for business pages, customers could rate a business on a scale of one to five stars. Now, they can choose to write a recommendation on your business Facebook page. Posts need to be at least 25 characters long, which is Facebook’s way of encouraging slightly longer, more thoughtful and helpful reviews than a one-word “Great!” or “Terrible!” Customers aren’t restricted to just text recommendations either – they can add photographs and can also choose tags to tell others about their experience with your business. Examples of tags include “Great service,” “Cozy atmosphere,” and “Open late.” Recommendations represent a great opportunity for positive feedback, but be prepared for negative comments too. In terms of public relations, it’s always best to respond in a sympathetic and positive manner to publicly aired complaints – getting into an acrimonious back-and-forth neverworks out well for a brand. That said, the platform does have a feature where business Facebook page admins can easily report unfair or malicious “recommendations.”

You can add an “action” button to the top of your page. The second feature that has been added to Facebook in the most recent round of updates is the ability to add a call-to-action button to your business Facebook page. The nature of the specific action that the button prompts can vary by the nature of your business – it could be a link to download an app, provide a telephone number for customers to order a delivery, or a prompt to make a donation in the case of charities and nonprofit organizations. The five base-level options are “Book with you,” “Contact you,” “Learn more about your business,” “Shop with you or make a donation,” and “Download your app or play your game.” Each of these options has further categories you can choose; for example, under “Contact you” you can have “Contact us,” “Send Message,” “Call now,” “Sign up” or “Send email.”

Better visibility for stories. Facebook stories can be a good way to improve your brand’s exposure and share live videos – and the latter is playing an increasingly important role in PR and marketing strategies, particularly if you want to engage a younger audience. In a functionality similar to that offered by Instagram, the latest Facebook changes now allow users to click on a business Facebook page profile image to view your posted stories.

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