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How to Overcome Writer’s Block


Ugh! You simply can’t write one…more…word. Public relations (PR) professionals spend a lot of time writing, especially when it comes to pitching to the media, and eventually writer’s block catches up to everybody. Whether it’s finding the right wording or coming up with a creative angle, there is a lot of pressure in the PR world around developing just the right press documents to help secure media placements for clients. Here are a few things to remember to get you out of your creative slump.

Get out – Step away from your desk and get outside. Staring at the screen in frustration never helped anyone put an end to writer’s block, so take a break! You’ll be amazed at what fifteen minutes and some fresh air can do for your attitude and your brain.

Revisit – Reread some old pitches that you love. Maybe getting back into that headspace will spark a new idea.

Change your scenery – If you have a laptop, take advantage of its portability and relocate. Maybe you’re just tired of your desk, or there may be distractions in the office. Try the break room, conference room or outside picnic tables as a new place to set up shop.

Do something else – Work on another project for another client or focus on a different creative endeavor. Sometimes just getting your mind off of that specific pitch will help once you return.

Make an outline – You might not have all the flashy wording you want, but you know the assignment. Make an outline for the pitch and fill in the basic information you know, then go back and write the subject, intro and call to action.

Phone a friend – Brainstorming with a partner can be a great way to get rid of writer’s block. Grab a buddy from your firm and head into a conference room to brainstorm ideas. Talking out loud and answering questions can often trigger a great angle.

Plow through it – Just write it up. Not matter how terrible you think it is, just get something on the page. Then, let it marinate and sit overnight. Come back to it the next day and make edits! Sometimes getting the less sophisticated ideas out of your head can make room for more elegant strategy.

Get a refreshment – Take a trip to the break room and get some water or coffee, and just sit and sip for a bit. You can still be thinking about the pitch, but don’t stare at your screen. Focus on how cool or tasty your beverage is, stare into the cup and let your mind wander.

Knock it down!
Are you ready to tear down the wall of writer’s block? Good! The more frustrated you get, the more you feed into the idea that you can’t write anything worthwhile. Before spiraling into total despair, try some of these tactics to reset your mind and spark creativity. You’ll be happy you didn’t give up and your clients will love your thoughtful new pitch.