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Making the Most of Your Press Releases with Keyword-Rich Content

Making the Most of Your Press Releases with Keyword-Rich Content

Like most things, press releases have come to have an online presence. Back in the day press releases were only sent to news organizations and keywords weren’t even a thing. However, these important pieces of content have moved online, and search engine optimization (SEO) tactics such as the incorporation of keywords can help your news get noticed.

Optimize your press release
Beyond just delivering your news release message, it is helpful to consider what keywords can increase the performance of your asset. Your target audience could be your customer, journalists or other important media connections such as influencers looking online for references or content. Either way, you’ll want your press release to be served at the top of search results for the specific topic or product it’s covering. Here are a few keyword strategies to employ:

Headline – Add keywords into your headline. Not only does this show the target that your press release will cover the topic they are seeking, but online this will be what appears as the clickable link in search.

Include phrases – Keywords aren’t only single words they can also be phrases. Think about how your audience might search for news and include those specific phrases in the body of your press release.

Research – If you haven’t updated your keywords in a while, check out Google’s Keyword Planner to see if your brand can capitalize on any new search terms or phrases. While this is meant to help with ads, it can be an excellent resource for incorporating important language into your press release.

Add links – Strategically linking out keywords can also boost performance. Be careful here, as you don’t want to include too many links, and you want to make sure those links keep the audience within your brand’s own ecosystem. Meaning, primarily link to your website, blog, social media or landing pages.

Capitalize on trends – If something important is happening within your industry and you have a noteworthy contribution or news, create a press release that uses keywords from the current trend to garner attention for your brand.

Send it out and post it
The next step will be to send out your press release. For the best results, it is recommended to leverage a wire service, a digital news feed for media outlets, as well as share it on your own channels. This can be in a news section on your website, within your blog or on your social media channels. Cross-promoting your press release in these ways will help extend the reach of your news and improve the chances that your release will come up in searches both through SEO and within social media platforms.

Keywords boost press release visibility
It can take more time and effort to create a keyword-rich press release but the payoff is worth it.

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