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Marketing communications trends you should be following now

Virtual RealityAs a marketing communications firm specializing in helping businesses to build and grow their brands, we understand the importance of keeping up with trends. The flow of news, information, opinions and ideas – and new technologies – in the digital age means that trends come and go at a more rapid rate than ever before. Sometimes it can be difficult to keep up with trends even within your own industry, and even more difficult to utilize those trends effectively in marketing communications. Here are three things that have caught our eye and that we think could trend strongly in the field of marketing communications in the second half of 2017.

  1. Intelligent and data-driven marketing communications. As a leading PR and communications firm we’ve always understood that you need to have the right tools for the job. Today, those tools are getting ever smarter. The latest wave of PR software not only allows for customized monitoring and analytics, it makes intelligent use of the data it collects. We believe that step forward in software technology – from a mere tool to a partner that helps you to make decisions and to strategize based on intelligent and customizable analysis of data and metrics – will be a real game changer in the coming months.
  1. Richer and more diverse media content. Gone are the days when marketing communications largely meant TV and print ads; even the more rudimentary forms of online marketing can now seem dated and quaint. Marketing in 2017 means more content via an ever-widening range of channels: live video, interactive apps and gamification are the types of marketing that will be driving engagement this year.
  1. Virtual reality. It doesn’t seem that long ago that the idea of virtual reality in the home was the stuff of science fiction. But technology has reached the stage where high-resolution VR equipment for the consumer market is both practical and increasingly affordable. We don’t see the VR market exploding in 2017, but we are in the early stages of a new type of media technology that is expected to be worth $70 billion by 2020. We predict that companies with an eye on the long game, and who start to explore how to implement marketing communications via VR now, will be significantly ahead of their competitors in a few years’ time when VR really takes off.

Overall, technological advances continue to be the real drivers of new and innovative approaches to marketing communications. Keeping up with tech trends and making the best use of those technologies is the key to building your brand in both the short and longer term.

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