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Publicity Hacks for Authors

You’ve finished and published your book… congratulations! It seems like the hard work should be done, but in some ways, you’re just getting started. Once your book is complete and published, you still need to promote it. While you may be a skilled writer, it takes another skillset entirely to create a publicity strategy that captures the attention of the media. Here are a few publicity hacks for authors to gain exposure for their books and strengthen their brands.

Create content – We know you just finished writing a book—isn’t that enough? You many need to write more content to promote your work. The fact is, 72 percent of marketing experts say content marketing is the best way to reach customers. Consider creating content based on your book such as a series of short, tip-based articles, essays related to the topic of your book or other types of content generated from your book’s pages. Press outlets are hungry for non-promotional content that creates value for their readers and they will tap you for content.

Participate in podcasts – In the United States, 104 million people listen to podcasts monthly, and being a guest is a wonderful way to reach potential readers. Search for podcasts that cover topics related to your book, then contact them and pitch yourself as a podcast guest. Make sure you have a story or an opinion that they would want to discuss, ideally one that is closely aligned with the content of your book.

Make it local, make it personal – It might be easier to capture the attention of local media, as opposed to a nationwide platform. Localize your story whenever possible and make it personal to draw in the human-interest factor.      

Beyond tradition – Securing a traditional book review can be challenging because of the sheer volume of novels published every week. Try securing reviews from smaller outlets like blogs, influencers, reading clubs or reading societies and trade magazines within your topic niche as they won’t be as inundated with new books and review requests.

Be social – You can engage directly with your potential readers on social media. Your target reader won’t be on every social media channel, so save time and pick one or two that best fit your target’s demographics. Then, get online! Consider offering a free chapter, sharing pictures of people (or pets) reading your book, developing a hashtag, running a Q&A about writing or your specific topic, or even sharing your personal reading list.

Pay when appropriate – In certain cases paying for marketing may be a good add on. Social platforms offer highly-targeted paid campaigns and allow authors to spend modest amounts to reach potential readers. You could also tap search engine marketing (SEM) tactics which will give you the opportunity to advertise sponsored listings on search engines and deliver display ads on select websites. 

You can hack it
Authors looking to get publicity for their books just need a few hacks to start generating some interest. Think niche like local media, topical podcasts, blogs, book review groups and even targeted paid placements. Also, be sure to harness the power of social media and create sharable content to reach potential readers as well! With these tips and tricks, you’ll be able to drive interest and secure media exposure.

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