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Pursing Awards to Engage Your Audience

And the winner is… YOU!

There’s nothing quite like the excitement and thrill of being recognized for your hard work. Winning a company or industry award is not only an honor, it’s validation from your peers that what you’re doing is pushing you or your brand forward in the right direction. This is as true for individuals as it is for companies. Whether you’re looking to establish yourself as a leader or heighten the reputation of your brand, pursing awards might be the right move. In addition to the glory, there are some other tangible benefits of pursing awards.

Recognition – Being a winner or nominee for a prestigious award will engage your audience in a positive way. Awards get your name out there. They draw attention to the positive impact and strides you or your company is making, creating buzz and getting people talking about you.

Boosts morale – Awards benefit your employees as well. When employees see that their efforts have positive results, it makes them want to continue to work toward excellence, providing benefit to the company, clients and continuing to elevate brand reputation.

New clients – Business development is one of the most challenging aspects of running a company. An award win might draw clients to you. Prospective clients often reach out on their own after a high-profile award win, making the achievement that much sweeter.

Executive reputations – As your C-suite works toward engaging with your audience and strives to maintain their place as thought leaders, awards could add that extra push they might need. Afterall, a leader who can help their company win an award that sets it apart from the crowd is a leader that has wisdom and insights to impart.

These are all exciting ways in which awards help you engage your audience, but before you start applying, here are some things to know:

Be selective – Don’t just apply for any and every award that’s available. Be strategic! Think about what types of awards your audience would be most interested in seeing you or your executive staff win. Then, seek out prestigious awards in that category. Not all awards will add the shine you want, so make sure the award you’re applying for comes from a distinguished and well-respected source.

Make the effort – Heads up! Some award applications are long and challenging to complete. Know this in advance and make the effort to put your best foot forward. Don’t race through the nomination form or your lack of effort will show. Be sure to read the questions completely, answer everything to the best of your ability and include any supplemental items that the nomination form requests. This is what the decision-makers will be reviewing when narrowing down top contenders and ultimately determining who wins, so make your nomination count!

Set a budget – Awards often require an entry fee, so it’s advisable to research all the awards for which you want to apply, and make sure to include those fees in your marketing budget for the year.

Don’t forget the pomp – If you become a finalist and especially if you’re a winner, you’ll want to engage your audience and let them know the exciting news. This could include press releases, social media posts and email blasts letting your audience know something exciting has happened. Depending on the award and if you’re the winner, you may also want to start including that information in your advertising or on your website.

Awards can be a beneficial way to engage your audience. Making the most of your entries by filling out the nomination form completely and letting your audience know about your wins will help you make the most of this strategy.

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