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New Year Resolutions for Businesses in 2021

We’ll say it—this year was tough! It might be hard to start envisioning what next year might look like, but it’s still a good business practice to set goals for 2021. Even if you must reimagine your original 2020 goals and adapt them for 2021, creating resolutions can help provide direction in a tumultuous business climate. Here are a few resolutions ideas for business owners that want to make the most of 2021, but don’t know where to start:

  1. Keep your team motivated – This year has been a hard year for everyone, and employees may be feeling the weight of it now more than ever. Balancing work and home life has become even more challenging, and the danger of burnout is real. Try to keep employees motivated by showing them the support and encouragement they need.
  2. Adapt your budget from the start – When 2020 started, no one anticipated the pandemic and the havoc it would inflict on your budget. Now, we know we’re going to be starting the new year in the middle of shutdowns and stay-at-home orders. Don’t just roll with your pandemic-modified budget. Really consider where you need to be spending money. This year you’ve got time to prepare, so take advantage of the opportunity.
  3. Commit to communication – This year many companies realized they didn’t have a robust communications plan in place. Commit to your communication needs, be that with your customer, with employees or with the media. Communicating honestly and transparently should be a priority, and having a communications plan for 2021 is more important than ever before. Not only will you need it to continue to communicate during the pandemic, but as we’re able to transition to a more normal lifestyle you’ll want to have messaging locked in as well.
  4. Invest in productivity – In 2020 you may not have had the budget to invest in productivity tools that facilitate remote work for your team. Do it now. Make sure this is included in your 2021 financial plans. It’s likely that as the spread of the virus goes through ebbs and flows, we may be in and out of in-office work. Having the right productivity tools will help your team transition smoothly.
  5. Facilitate employee growth – Employees don’t want to feel stagnant in their careers. After a year that felt like it stopped, employees will want to feel at least some movement forward. Find unique online and virtual training opportunities. Make sure that employees are receiving challenging assignments. Facilitate their growth, even if it’s at a distance.
  6. Embrace flex schedules – Employees have had a taste of remote work, and they may want to continue that even after the stay-at-home orders have been removed. Come summer 2021 it might be safe to head back to the office (we hope!), but many employees will be opting for a hybrid schedule. Embrace this desire and start planning for it now.

Resolve to adapt
This year has been unpredictable, and it might feel like setting resolutions for 2021 is impossible. It’s not! By reimagining your goals, and by knowing that flexibility is key, you’ll be able to create resolutions that make sense for your business, promote employee growth and motivation and set yourself up for success during the changing business climate.

What’s your 2021 business resolution?

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