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Social media update: How to drive Twitter conversions

Social media is an intrinsic part of a modern marketing strategy for businesses in many sectors— however, as with other aspects of marketing, it can be difficult sometimes to know the correct approach to take. The below explores some of the fundamentals of Twitter conversions and how to get your audience to engage and click through to your website rather than just scrolling on.

  1. Review your Twitter data– You can access Twitter Analytics at any time and view information on your Tweets’ impressions and engagement. For more detailed data on successful Twitter conversions, you can export the data as an Excel file which you can then sort by “URL clicks” to find which of your Tweets have driven the most clicks to your website. Alternatively, you can use a social media analytics tool such as Sprout Social and Simply Measured.
  1. Remember your call to action– People hate clickbait, but it’s also true that a straightforward and direct call to action in your Tweet – such as a simple “click here to learn more” – can successfully drive more Twitter conversions. Consider using the call to action in combination with other proven social media conversion drivers, such as asking a question (see below). Using direct calls to action too often can be seen as pushy, so be sure not to go overboard and instead strategically place them on the posts that you want the most conversions on.
  1. Ask a question– According to Twitter’s own data on Twitter conversions, tweet links that include a question mark garner an impressive 25 percent more clicks than those without. If you’re looking for inspiration, you can search using your business’s essential keywords followed by a question mark – for example, “electronics retailer?” – to see what questions others have previously tweeted.
  1. Tweet links multiple times– While it’s important not to be too spammy, it’s worth remembering that, unless it goes viral, the average “lifetime” during which a Tweet is visible is only 18 minutes. Retweeting at various times of the day – especially by using an automated tool such as Sprout Social that we mentioned earlier – can increase your chances of receiving clicks through to your website. Don’t forget to experiment with different wordings, questions and other click prompts to see which gains the most Twitter conversions.

Keep these four top tips in mind when planning your social media marketing activity, and you will increase your chances of gaining more Twitter conversions.


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