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Tech tools to support your social media strategy

For years now, a proactive social media strategy has been one of the cornerstones of any successful marketing campaign. What that means for marketers is that they now have to be more tech-savvy than, say, a decade ago. Fortunately, there are plenty of tools and apps designed to make the more technical aspects of social media marketing a bit easier for marketing professionals, improving visibility and providing valuable analytics. Here are a few of our favorite tech tools and tips for social media marketers.

  1. Open Graph – The Open Graph protocol gives you more control over how your website links will appear on Facebook, simply by inserting basic metadata tags on your web pages. It means you can determine the title, image, and tags that will be attached to your Facebook links, to maximize the social media marketing appeal of your posts.
  2. Twitter Cards – Twitter Cards do for tweets what Open Graph does for Facebook posts, and in fact, the two tools are based on the same protocols and tags. You can code the tags directly into your web pages’ metadata, or alternatively use a handy tool such as the Yoast SEO WordPress plugin.
  1. Embedding social media posts – You’ve probably seen news articles or blog posts where relevant tweets are directly embedded on the web page, rather than just quoted. This can make your content more dynamic to visitors, and it couldn’t be easier to do – just click on the downward-point arrow at the top right of any tweet, select Embed Tweet, and then copy the provided code onto your web page.
  1. Facebook Pixel – Facebook Pixel works by inserting a pixel onto your web page, which facilitates conversion tracking, optimization and remarketing to visitors who have taken certain actions on your site. It’s straightforward to use and an extremely powerful tool in tracking and planning your social media strategy.

This list is by no means comprehensive, but the four tips listed here can go a long way to empowering your social media marketing, giving you greater control over your social media activities and providing valuable data to inform future campaigns.


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