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The Benefits of Working with an Agency that Serves More than Just Your Industry

Would you be better served by working with a PR firm that specializes in your industry? The answer may surprise you. Since marcom tactics translate across industries, bringing a well-rounded perspective may infuse campaigns with vibrance and originality. We are by no means saying that agencies that specialize are bad; our team has simply found that there are benefits to not specializing and that broad-based experience can be uniquely valuable. We understand there may be some hesitance to working with an agency that doesn’t specialize in your space, but here are some reasons why we see it as a plus:

Fresh ideas
Our team works on a variety of campaigns across a wide spectrum of industries. We are constantly seeking out new tactics that can be applied to address clients’ different needs. Maybe something that created off-the-charts engagement for an automotive brand we serve, could be tweaked to drive adoption for a tech client’s newest software offering. Maybe something we found worked well in creating earned media exposure within the healthcare space could apply to help our real estate client. Buzzworthy ideas are constantly cross-pollinating, creating an endless combination of strategies and tactics to create the best possible outcomes. 

An agency that specializes can often offer a more cookie cutter approach. They’ve been doing the same things for a while and sometimes that can mean they may struggle to see beyond their standard processes.

No conflicts of interest 
With an agency that doesn’t specialize there’s no conflict of interest since we’re not serving your competitors as well. That means your company gets all the best ideas in your space and you never play second fiddle to a competitor! Whether bidding on PPC keywords, submitting your news to editors and reporters or cultivating new opportunities—you want to be your agency’s “one and only” in your industry. Otherwise, you’re inadvertently being pitted against your competition by the very team that is supposed to be representing you.

Customized approach
Since we haven’t been serving your specific industry exclusively for years and years, we haven’t fallen into a rut or routine. We’ll brainstorm on your behalf on a weekly basis and bring in elements of strategies from our years of experience in an array of diverse industries to customize solutions for your brand. We look at each new space we delve into with fresh eyes. Our content and strategies remain new and relevant. It’s hard to grow stale in your approach when you’re always on the move!
It can be beneficial to work with a full-service agency that caters to a diverse array of clients. Since we don’t specialize, you’ll get our undivided attention, our best ideas and a truly customized approach. We’ll use the knowledge we have cultivated from other industries and apply them to your business for a fresh perspective.

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