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Top 5 Reasons to add Facebook ads to your social media strategy

In addition to more organic social media work, paid ads – and particularly video ads – are a core component of a successful social media strategy. Social media channels like Facebook have made it easier than ever to place paid video ads and here are the five top reasons you should incorporate Facebook video advertising into your broader social media strategy.

  1. Moving content catches the eye. It’s long been established that images and infographics gain more traction and engagement on social media than posts that only contain text (2.3 times more engagement, according to BuzzSumo). Video takes that to another level – an autoplay video in the Facebook newsfeed will attract more immediate interest than other types of posts.
  1. A clear and immediate call to action. The Facebook Ads Manager tool includes the ability to add a prominent call-to-action button that sits underneath the video as it plays in the newsfeed. This is an excellent opportunity to direct customers to your website, a particular product or service page, or a promotional voucher.
  1. Stats show video is king on social. Surveys across the board show that video ads are increasingly important in a social media strategy. According to Animoto, four times as many consumers would rather watch a video about a product than read about it, and a recent Hubspot survey revealed that 43 percent of consumers want to see more video content in the future. A separate Animoto report showed that Facebook was considered the most impactful social channel for small business owners and marketers, with 44 percent planning to pay for Facebook video ads this year.
  1. Keep ahead of the curve. Despite the stats above, many businesses are still behind the curve in terms of incorporating paid Facebook video ads into their social media strategy. We believe the marketing potential of properly targeted Facebook ads can’t be overstated; if you don’t choose to tap into the marketing potential presented by Facebook’s 2.07 billion active users, you risk being left behind by your competitors.
  1. Videos are versatile. A Facebook video ad needn’t be a direct product or service sales message, such as you’d probably run in a TV ad slot. Be creative with your video strategy. Use it as a way to showcase your staff, or give an insight into how your products are made, or as an informal FAQ. The end aim is to drive sales, but the immediate goal is to drive engagement.

Video content, in general, has been shown to be a great tool for social media engagement. Paying Facebook to promote your videos to even a small segment of its over 2 billion users can provide an audience reach far beyond what you might be able to achieve organically.

Presence on social media and having a deep and well-though content marketing is one of the most effective strategies to establish yourself as an industry leader and enhance your brand’s standing in the eyes of consumers. Having a lot of content helps you increase your web authority and establish yourself as a go-to source of information for potential consumers.

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