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Top content marketing tools for success

To successfully implement your brand’s content marketing strategy, you need the right suite of tools for the job, but how do you know which content marketing tools will deliver the best results for you and your business? There are thousands of different content marketing tools and related products out there and cutting through the noise to get to the best tools can be hard work. In this blog, we’ll list some of what we believe are the top tools for content marketing.

  1. Ceralytics– Ceralytics is a content intelligence platform designed to take the guesswork out of content marketing. The tool analyzes your content – and that of your competitors – to give data-driven insights into what topics drive inbound traffic, engagement and conversions. It also highlights which topics are performing best in your industry. It’s a great tool for devising truly data-driven content marketing
  1. Hawkeye– Hawkeye is a similar content intelligence tool, which builds upon the developer’s previous product, it. It crawls millions of content sources and utilizes AI to measure which topics are most relevant and which drive the most engagement. It can also analyze attributes of top-performing content such as format, length and readability level, and “reverse engineer” to provide data on what works best.
  1. HubSpot– HubSpot’s Marketing Hub is an all-in-one content marketing software suite, including features such as real-time SEO suggestions, and the ability to schedule publication of content to social media at the ideal times to reach followers and influencers. HubSpot offers other great business tools as well, including customer relationship management, sales management, and customer service software.
  1. SEMrush– SEMrush offers an all-in-one marketing toolkit with an emphasis on search engine optimization. Analytics reports provide insight into your competitors’ strategies in organic and paid searches, display advertising and link building. It’s much more than just another SEO research and analysis tool, though; other product features include website SEO audit, social media posting and tracking, brand monitoring, organic traffic insights and more.
  1. Social Report– Social Report claims to be the world’s most complete social media management platform. From social posting, scheduling and monitoring to automation, it really is a full suite of social media management tools. Its analytics tools are invaluable in content marketing, and it almost goes without saying that it integrates with all the major social media platforms.

In a world of shifting trends, it’s not always easy to get content marketing right, but by integrating some of these content marketing tools into your brand’s marketing processes, you will have access to deep, data-driven analytics and other tools to help you plan successful campaigns.

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