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Top Trends We Are Seeing in Video

Top Trends We Are Seeing in Video

Back in December, we covered the trends we anticipate for video in the year ahead. And while our crystal ball was pretty accurate, we are excited to share some additional video trends that you might want to think about incorporating today!  

Short clips garner attention
Short-form video is widespread, with 66% of consumers saying that they give their attention to short clips over longer-form video. Each platform offers a different definition of short-form video, but on average these videos are between 15 seconds up to three minutes. This video type is a fantastic way to reach Gen Z. This doesn’t mean that your long-form videos need to be tossed out. Instead, find strong sound bites or short segments to create a mini-series. You can launch one at a time and have CTAs to drive individuals back to the full version.

User-generated video
User-generated content (UGC), including video, is a wonderful way to connect with your target audience. Consumers trust the word of other brand users, with 90% of consumers saying that UGC has more influence over their decision to purchase than standard marketing. UGC can also motivate customers to engage with the brand, helps build authenticity and can offer SEO perks.

Virtual events
Hosting virtual events became prevalent during the pandemic, and they have continued to stay. Online video and live streaming allow a brand’s target audience to participate and engage with the content no matter where they are. Hybrid events, such as live streaming an in-person event, is an ideal way to engage both local and remote audiences.

Informative video
When it comes to helping consumers make a purchase decision, information-rich video such as walk throughs, explainers and product demos can seal the deal. An astounding 96% of consumers reported that they look to video to learn about products and services, and to help guide their decision to purchase.

Collaborations are another fun way to engage the consumer. This is when two entities such as two brands, or a brand and an influencer or celebrity, get together and make a video to sell a product. An example is McDonald’s celebrity meals. This is where well-known people such as Cardi B and Offset, BTS and Travis Scott create a meal that customers can then purchase by simply asking for that celebrity’s meal. McDonald’s creates video ads to promote each meal and get the word out.

Video can also help your brand become discovered with search-optimized content. Video search engine optimization (VSEO) can provide results opportunities, especially explainer videos to show how a product works. Remember that while a slick video can be cool to watch, it is imperative that the video deliver value to the target audience to reach peak performance. 

The popularity of video marketing can’t be denied. Brands should look at expanding video marketing spend if possible, and those that haven’t jumped into a video strategy should start. Video is a proven way to attract a variety of audiences, and it offers a positive ROI with a high likelihood of engagement or even purchase.

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