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What Consumers are Looking for in Your Brand

Just like any relationship, the relationship you have with your consumers takes work. Consumers are more educated and aware of marketing and how brands use it to get their valuable attention than ever, and they are looking for something true, and something real. You can be the brand with whom they fall in love. With the right amount of care and attention, your brand can steal their hearts.

One of the most important things that consumers are seeking is an authentic experience. This means that the brand is true to itself, honest with its customers and always responsible for its actions. Authenticity means not “selling” to the consumer but creating engagement that forges a connection that’s deeper than the sale. Consumers want to believe in your product or service and know that you appreciate that they chose you over the competition.

Consumers will also be looking to your social media presence as they form an opinion about your brand and whether to give your brand their business. Social content must also be authentic, consistent and engaging. Not just any posts will do, and laziness in social media strategy could actually hurt your brand. Posts that are useful and show the personality of the brand are always appreciated by consumers. Brands that are able to respond in a timely manner where appropriate will impress consumers and feed their social reputation, leading to more followers, more engagement and possibly more revenue.

In addition to social media, ratings and reviews are another spot where consumers will go to seek out information about your brand. Brands benefit from good reviews and ratings. The more ratings the better! Consumers trust the opinions of other consumers more than the marketing put out by a company. Brands will also benefit from addressing negative reviews in a professional and helpful manner. This can show that a brand values customer feedback, listens and takes steps to resolve any concerns and helps to prove its worthiness of new consumers.

Furthermore, any press coverage or awards or accolades will catch the eye of your consumer – offering additional third-party credibility. Consumers are looking for brands that are well respected and established in their industries. Trust is an important factor in today’s consumer decisions, and a brand that is covered by trusted journalists and winning awards is a brand that has proved itself to be worthy.

Brands that exceed consumer expectations will always come out on top. With consumers using social media every day to discuss their experiences, any brand that goes above and beyond will surely draw attention. This can be as simple as including a bonus gift with purchase, having a friendly staff that creates a memorable shopping environment or going out of your way to correct an error. Whatever it may be, it’s not enough to meet expectations, exceeding expectations is where brands want to live. Finally, consumers are seeking out brands that are doing good in the world. This could be with a corporate social responsibility (CSR) program, using environmentally friendly materials or processes or giving back in another way that is authentic to the brand.

Consumers want to give their valuable dollars to brands that are making a positive impact on the world as a whole. Be the brand you want to see in the world by trying out some of these tips today.

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