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Why Write Articles That Answer Questions?

There are many things to consider when developing your content calendar. Aside from simply generating interesting articles that your target market or colleagues will want to read, you must also think of the metrics. Are people finding your content online? Are they clicking on it, engaging with it and sharing it? These are all important pieces of the puzzle, and a great way to make sure your content is hitting the mark is to write articles that answer common questions.

Get that SEO
Search engine optimization (SEO) is an important part of how your brand is discovered. Search engines will scroll websites for content, and the deliver results based on the quality of the content as it relates to the entered inquiry. Google processed 12.7 billion search queries in April 2020 alone, so if you want to be found online, boosting your SEO is a good place to start. Now, think about how people search for information online. You’ve typed a question into that search bar before, right? Well, so have many others! The idea here is to increase the likelihood your article will be delivered as a search result by answering questions that your target market may ask. This can help increase your site visits, bolstering your SEO even further.

In tune with your audience
What better way to show your audience that that you’re connect to their wants and needs than to produce articles that answer their questions? Your audience will feel like you’re in sync with them, that you understand them, and your brand will become a trusted resource by being able to provide answers to their questions. Instead of Googling their questions, they may next time go directly to you for the answer.

Increase engagement, build brand reputation
It’s not enough to have people reading your articles. Solid content gets readers engaged with the brand. These articles should be shared on owned channels, furthering engagement with your target market and increasing the chance that the articles will be shared to readers’ own pages. If readers feel like the question being answered is important and speaks to their lives, the likelihood of a share is increased. This is a key aspect of marketing strategy, as 83 percent of respondents to a Neilsen survey said that they trust recommendations of friends and family when it comes to brands. As your readers share the article, you’re not just reaching them, but also their followers, advancing your brand’s reputation and broadening your audience.

Did we answer your question?
Taking time to create content that answers your target market’s questions will certainly provide value in a variety of ways. SEO is still a big part of how brands are discovered (and maintain their status) online. By answering the exact questions your target market is typing into the search bar, you increase your chances of being delivered as a top search result. Additionally, audiences will feel like you know them, strengthening their brand loyalty and brand trust. Finally, as you answer your audience’s questions, they will have increased engagement with your brand, reposting content that speaks to them and boosting your brand’s reputation with each shared article.

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