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8 Stats that Prove Today’s Businesses Need PR

Potential clients have asked us about the need for PR in today’s business world. In a technology-first world where the public is just a social media account away, how hard could it be, right? However, PR encompasses a wide array of services (not just social), and the benefits of having a professional team handle those needs are overwhelming.

Here are eight statistics that prove our point:

  1. 90 percent of Gen X, Millennials and Gen Z noted that custom content is an ideal way to engage with brands.
    It’s not as simple as a post here and a comment there. The generations that are doing the buying are looking for a deeper connection, want more insider information and want to be provided with custom content. Developing a content strategy that meets these needs is a key factor in engaging with your target.
  2. The average American adult spends 10.5 hours with media per day.
    Think about that. Almost half the day is spent with media, and a brand is going to have to do a lot to stand out above the noise and capture some of that attention. That means they’ll need some pros to help drive their efforts.
  3. 87 percent of shoppers start their product searches online.
    No doubt you’ve researched a product or service before buying. Did you check out reviews? Best of lists? Go to the brand’s website for more information? It’s important to have a selection of digital resources available to help guide your customer to their purchase decision. A PR agency can help you monitor reviews, secure product spotlights and develop helpful website content.
  4. Staff editors receive, on average, 53 pitches a day.
    If you want your story covered, it’s vital that it stands out among the crowd. A public relations professional will not only be able to sniff out the right angle but can then write custom pitches for each media outlet to make sure your brand gets the attention it deserves.
  5. 64 percent of writers/journalists indicated that it was important to establish a personal connection before pitching.
    It’s like asking someone you’ve never met before for a favor. Public relations professionals will already have established relationships with journalists, will know the types of stories they like and will be able to get your brand front and center.
  6. Over 82 percent of customers are likely to buy a product recommended by a micro-influencer and 92 percent trust a micro-influencer over a celebrity.
    A public relations team can help you search for, vet and negotiate contracts with micro-influencers. These important content creators can help boost your lead gen and sales with a truly authentic approach.
  7. Average PR services include reputation management, crisis management, media relations, social media, speech writing, press releases, event planning, outreach, market research, media training and copywriting.
    Think about all the specialists you would have to hire to cover these 11 areas of expertise, not to mention specialized software and memberships to online data services. A PR agency rolls all of this into one easy partnership.
  8. Only 62 percent of businesses have a crisis communications plan, and only 49 percent know if it’s updated. Plus, 69 percent of business leaders have experienced at least one corporate crisis over the last five years.
    In a world where news travels so fast you could have a full-blown crisis in a matter of hours, it’s imperative that you have an updated crisis communications plan. No one hopes for a crisis, but being prepared is just smart.

PR agencies handle so many facets of business communications. It’s no longer only press releases or simply posting on social media. Businesses need to have clear strategy where a variety of marketing tactics work together toward overarching communications goals. Hiring a PR agency is a smart and efficient way to make the most of your public presence.

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