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Benefits of a Well-Rounded Marketing Strategy for the Healthcare Industry

The healthcare and medical technology industries have seen vast changes over the past couple years. Consumers want more trust and communication from medical providers and brands, and marketing can help healthcare brands provide just that. Therefore, many healthcare brands are turning to digital marketing, social media and earned media, to gain exposure and improve trust among consumers.

Here’s a quick overview of the benefits of marketing for the healthcare industry:

Build trust
Earned media creates an opportunity to be seen as an industry leader in your space. One of our clients, the Patient Safety Movement Foundation, has relied on earned media to help bring awareness to preventable medical errors. It has been featured in trade publications, such as Healthcare Business Today, as well as local TV stations reaching the general public to share important information on this topic. When consumers see earned media through a verified story from a third party, they are inclined to believe the claims made in the piece, raising their opinion of the healthcare or medtech company.

Healthcare digital marketing is a fantastic strategy for educating the public about your brand. Social media for healthcare is one approach that can help. Your brand can share content about your services or product and help educate consumers about their health and how your brand fits into their lifestyle. For example, Beyond Fifteen leveraged social media to help Sand Canyon Urgent Care reach its target audience where it spends its time and shared messages about its services. Within four months, our paid, organic search and social media campaigns resulted in a 99.5 percent increase in new website users. Social media is also an ideal place to share blogs, white papers and other custom content to educate the community.  A full-service marketing agency can help you develop a content strategy that targets your various audience segments, possibly broken out into consumers and healthcare professionals to start. Additionally, brands can use social media to support lead generation efforts, as you can collect information from your target audiences to then be able to reach back out via other avenues like email.

Rx: A Comprehensive Communication Strategy
Media relations, social media and digital marketing can provide many benefits to healthcare and medtech brands. From building trust to market education to growing awareness within the brand’s own vertical, a well-rounded approach can lead the way for healthcare and medtech brands in the digital marketing world. The past couple years has seen a huge swing in consumer participation and opinion in the medical vertical, so making sure your message reaches the right audience at the right time is even more vital.

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