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What Are the Benefits of Digital PR? Exploring the Opportunities.

What Are the Benefits of Digital PR? Exploring the Opportunities.

We live in a digital landscape, and that’s why when evaluating your brand’s strategy it’s so important to include digital PR.

What is digital PR and how does it differ from traditional PR?

Digital PR is focused on growing a brands online presence. While traditional PR relied on coverage in print magazines and newspapers, the digital world has opened opportunities for brands to create and share content in a variety of new ways. Digital PR provides opportunities for brands to improve their search rankings through keyword-rich content and high-quality backlinks. Some key strategies include online press release distributions, blogging and media placements in online publications. Because content created through this effort already lives on the web, it can be amplified on social media and through social ads to support a social media marketing campaign.


Digital PR is an excellent way to achieve goals such as awareness, engagement and sales as it offers a wide range of options and flexibility. With the ubiquity of the digital landscape impacting nearly every facet of our lives and with internet users worldwide spending an average of 415.5 minutes every day online in 2021, it can be a cost-effective tool. Here are some of the top reasons to consider incorporating digital PR into your 2023 marketing strategy.

Improving reputation and visibility
Digital PR can help support your brand’s reputation and visibility goals. The internet offers so much information all at the fingertips of your target audience. Now, people can go online to read about a brand, see how it interacts with its customers and even engage. By having a solid online presence, exceptional content and securing influential features with credible sources, brands will see benefits for both their reputation and visibility.

Meeting customers where they spend their time
Internet usage is incredibly strong right now. In a Pew Research survey, 31% of U.S. adults said that they are online “almost constantly,” 85% said that they go online every day and 48% said the go online more than once a day. Brands should try to meet their customers where they spend their time, and that’s online. For your digital PR to be effective, it’s not enough to just be online, your brand needs to be in the places where your target audience goes online for information and entertainment. That means finding the right online publications and SEO keywords for optimal search result placement as well as developing the right content strategy to truly connect with would-be customers.

Quick turn on to see and track results
Digital PR can be turned on quickly and it can be easier to track results than traditional PR. This isn’t to say that the discovery process doesn’t need to take place. It does. Strong return on investment (ROI) will depend on having digital marketing placements in the right spots online with the right message to reach your target audience.

The benefits are clear
We live in a digital world where people spend a lot of time online, with many individuals almost constantly connected. It’s important for brands to embrace the online landscape and evaluate strategy and success in relation to their online presence. Digital PR offers a range of benefits including improving reputation and visibility, meeting customers where they are and being able to quickly turn on campaigns and track results.

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