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Is DIY Marketing Hurting Your Brand?

If there’s one thing that Pinterest has taught us, it’s that you can DIY anything and everything! Well… almost. 

While taking a DIY (Do-It-Yourself) approach to marketing can be cost-effective and empowering, it also comes with the potential for falling into some marketing pitfalls. Marketing requires a deep understanding of various disciplines including digital advertising, search engine optimization (SEO), content creation, analytics, target research and more. A lack of expertise in any of these areas can lead to suboptimal results and other risks.  

Here are some of the hazards of a DIY marketing approach: 

1. Wasted time

Marketing is time-consuming, especially if you are handling multiple channels and tasks on top of running your company. It becomes even more so if you’re engaging in DIY marketing, as you might be unfamiliar with certain channels or need to research marketing tips before making a decision. As a business owner or entrepreneur your time may be better spent on core business activities while leaving your marketing needs to professionals.

2. Wasted budget

No one wants to waste money, but unfortunately that’s a real risk with DIY marketing. Not knowing how to optimize or track important KPIs of campaigns can lead to overspending or investing in the wrong areas. If your company is dedicating ad spend then there needs to be positive results and some form of return on investment (ROI).

That means knowing which data analytics to track, how to interpret results and what adjustments need to be made based on those actionable insights. It’s a lot for a DIY marketer to manage, and having professionals analyze the data and make informed decisions can maximize  bang for your buck.

3. Missed opportunities

Marketing professionals stay updated on industry trends and emerging opportunities—it’s our job! DIY marketing may mean missing out on new channels or content marketing strategies that could significantly benefit the business. Having a team of marketers working for you means that your brand will always be aware of new and emerging marketing avenues.

4. Inconsistent branding

Without a clear understanding of branding principles, DIY marketing leaves business owners at risk of inconsistent brand messaging and visual identity. This is a significant marketing mistake as consistency is crucial for building brand trust and recognition.

A team of pros will develop a brand voice, image and identity, ensuring that your messaging remains consistent across all channels and platforms. This will help your target audience build a deeper connection with your business, cultivating a community and promoting brand loyalty.

5. Legal and compliance risks

Advertising and marketing often involve legal considerations. DIY marketers run the risk of being unaware of or failing to comply with regulations, which can result in legal issues and damage your brand’s reputation. Professional markers will be informed of all legal compliance for your industry and will ensure that creative and media placements meet legal and compliance requirements.

6. Lack of relationships 

Professional marketers will have relationships with others in the marketing sphere, including media, that DIY marketing doesn’t support. If your brand is interested in exploring securing media coverage, a professional marketing team will be able to create a successful press release, or other forms of media materials, that will bridge that communication between your brand and a journalist. A sound media outreach strategy will increase the likelihood of your brand’s story being picked up and shared. 

Worth the investment

DIY marketing can be fun, but this approach may not always be the most beneficial for your brand as your marketing needs evolve. Ultimately, partnering with skilled PR experts can not only help you avoid these marketing pitfalls, but even give you an advantage over competitors. Professional marketers have the skills, training, experience and tools your brand needs to drive success.  

If you want to take your DIY marketing campaigns to the next level, connect with Beyond Fifteen to learn how we can help! 

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