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The Role Landing Pages Play in Capturing Leads

The Role Landing Pages Play in Capturing Leads

If you’ve ever researched a brand or product online, you’ve likely been directed to a landing page at one point or another. Brands use landing pages for a variety of reasons, but the main focus of a landing page is typically lead generation.

What is a landing page?
A landing page is a mini website that focuses on a certain product or service. It should be one page that scrolls down through different sections and keeps your customer focused on a narrow marketing message. It should not be as robust as a standard website as you don’t want the customer bouncing around through many pages. The idea is to provide targeted information that captures the audience and one clear call to action (CTA) with the goal of converting them into a customer.

Five elements to capture leads
Here are some best practices to help your brand’s landing page capture the most leads:

  1. Clean layout
    A landing page should help a customer focus on one primary marketing message. This means creating a clean layout that is easy to navigate and offers some negative space (places for the eyes to rest).
  2. Compelling images
    Images can do a lot of the heavy lifting on your landing page. Instead of telling customers about your product, show your customer why your product or service is valuable. Images, infographics and videos are often more digestible than a block of text.
  3. High value content with clear messaging
    Landing pages should focus on speaking to one particular audience or answering one specific question. Ensure that you have a solid headline, subhead and supporting text. Include helpful pieces of information and let the copy guide the customer to the desired action.
  4. Clear CTA
    The CTA on your landing page is vital. What action are you asking your customer to take? Deliver that CTA at least once above the fold, which is at the top of the landing page before the visitor needs to scroll down, and then a few more times throughout the page. Ideally, there will be a button that your customer can click that makes it clear what action they are taking.
  5. Form fill or link to provide information
    The role of a landing page is to capture leads… so capture them! Make sure to include a form fill with, at minimum, first name, last name and email. You can also request more information such as address or zip code to help direct your customer to a physical location. Your brand might include a drop-down menu to allow the customer to select a specific product or service. When in doubt, require less information as too detailed of a form fill can deter users. Once you have collected emails, ensure you have a plan in place to further connect with the customer through retargeting ads and email drip campaigns.


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