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PR Trends to Follow in 2024

As we look ahead to PR trends for 2024, we expect to see a lot of change in the industry. With the rise and adoption of artificial intelligence (AI) along with the ever-shifting media landscape, we’re proactively preparing for (and engaging in) key 2024 PR trends.  

Keep reading for our top 2024 PR trends and some PR best practices you should consider executing today. 

AI integration

We’ve already discussed how AI is becoming more commonly utilized in the PR industry. AI tools are enhancing the content creation process, data analysis capabilities and strategic decision-making. The rise of AI is a PR trend in 2024 that will continue to make processes all the easier, allowing publicists and marketers across the board to be more efficient and data driven. Because AI is not going away, we will need to harness the power of AI carefully and responsibly.  

AI does have some limitations, so when it comes to this 2024 public relations trend, it’s wise to follow PR best practices. This includes remembering that while AI can provide valuable insights and assistance, there still needs to be human oversight to critically evaluate and validate the output.   

Emphasis on authenticity

According to Fortune, one of the challenges journalists faced last year was the lack of trust in both media news outlets and sources used for stories. The article stated, “Half of Americans in a recent survey indicated they believe national news organizations intend to mislead, misinform or persuade the public to adopt a particular point of view through their reporting.”

Image Credit: Knight Foundation

Now more than ever, the emphasis on authenticity is crucial for a public relations program to be successful. Brands need to remain dedicated to genuine storytelling. That’s why one of our 2024 PR trends is deepening the emphasis on authenticity—creating narratives that sincerely resonate with audiences—and fostering deeper connections between brands, audiences and journalists more than ever before. 

While authenticity isn’t new, we’re keeping it as a PR trend for 2024 because it is a tried-and-true approach and vital in today’s media landscape.  

Lean into digital PR

The trend toward an increased emphasis on digital PR stems from the plethora of online channels where consumers receive their news. According to Pew Research Center, higher percentages of adults get news most often from digital sources. Being nimble and available across multiple channels increases the accessibility and visibility of your brand to a wider net of individuals.  

Moreover, this trend also stems from the need to be accessible in real-time, which is key for publicists to stay on top of the latest trends, news and audience reactions. Incorporating a digital PR strategy is no longer optional; it’s essential for reaching and engaging with modern audiences effectively.

Image Credit: Pew Research Center

Pitching with keen intention

In the dynamic realm of media, navigating the continuous evolution of the digital landscape, including the downsizing of newsrooms and the prevalent adoption of AI, places an unprecedented emphasis on the inventive strategies employed by public relations experts during the pitching process.  

With online publishing and advertising looming as substantial challenges, the need for PR professionals to engage with journalists has never been more crucial.  

In this era of change, a thoughtful and intentional approach to interactions with the media becomes not just advisable but imperative, ensuring that PR efforts align seamlessly with the evolving dynamics of the digital age. 

Here are a few dos and don’ts when it comes to PR best practices for media pitching: 


  • Make a personal connection with the journalist. 
  • Keep your pitch short to be respectful of the reporter’s time.  
  • Thank the reporter for covering your story by sharing the featured piece once it’s been published. 


  • Send out a mass pitch letter. Journalists will recognize that it’s not targeted toward their specific outlet, and you run the risk of burning the bridge. 
  • Follow up right away (but do follow up).  
  • Pitch a reporter on X (with some exceptions). Take time to build a relationship to garner the best results. 

Trending in 2024

These are our top 2024 PR trends and key insights. There are many pieces that go into a comprehensive media strategy and we’ll be keeping a laser focus in these areas along with other PR best practices. The media landscape is constantly changing so we’re sure that more PR trends will emerge throughout the year.  

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