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Category: Lead Generation

Why the Financial Sector Needs PR Today More Than Ever

In today’s economic climate, the financial sector needs PR more than ever. From inflation, third-party scams, potential recession and as the spotlight on financial disparity …

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Why Your Sales Team Should Be Part of Your Marketing Strategy

While there can be several reasons why a business may develop a marketing strategy, often one of the main areas of focus is sales. Even …

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SEM During the Holidays: Shifting Your Paid Search Strategies to Maintain ROAS

SEM During the Holidays: Shifting Your Paid Search Strategies to Maintain ROAS The holiday marketing season is upon us and brands need to shift their …

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Five Key Elements to a Successful Lead Generation Campaign

Public relations has shifted over the years. What was once seen as a top of funnel activity focused on awareness and impressions, is now able …

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marketing tactics in pandemic

How is Marketing Changing as the Pandemic Situation Shifts?

Marketing leaders that have been guiding their teams through the pandemic have had to continue to shift and adjust based on what is happening as …

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Who inspires you? My sister is definitely a person that inspires me. While growing up, we were complete opposites. I was outgoing and social; she …

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Q & A With Beyond Fifteen’s Mackenzie Martin

Who inspires you? My parents! They raised me to be strong and independent, just like them. I was adopted from South Korea as a baby, …

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