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Creating Brand Loyalty and Reputation

Cultivating brand loyalty and reputation is a pain-staking and never-ending endeavor. However, the wonderful thing is that you have several outlets at your disposal to help garner the response you’re seeking. Owned media is one of the best ways to make sure that your audience is getting the correct message at the right time. Owned media platforms are those places where the brand controls the message, such as your website, social media accounts, YouTube videos and blogs. Here are a few ways to utilize owned media to build brand loyalty and reputation.

Own It
The best way to control your brand’s message is to post it on your own channels. Update your website with new information or product and service details. Contribute worthwhile content to your social media accounts, videos and blogs. Make sure that the communication your customers are seeing is always on brand with the overall feel and message of the company.

One of the best ways to foster brand loyalty is to build a devoted following on your social media pages. That means that all of the content that the brand generates should be useful and should put the customer first. A customer that is engaged with the brand is a customer that’s probably also making purchases.

Let Your Users Guide the Way
User-generated content (UGC) is a great way to connect with your audience. What’s more relatable to your consumers than other consumers using and loving the brand? In fact, not only does UGC often have a higher engagement rate, but according to SocialToaster, 84 percent of millennials say that UGC has at least some influence on purchase, and that it’s 20 percent more influential than any other type of media.

Liking, reposting and allowing customer reviews are just the beginning of how UGC can help you create an authentic brand message while spurring brand loyalty and a positive brand reputation.

Be Social
Not only do you want your program to cover the basic social elements of liking and reposting, but you also want to engage further with your customers online. This means you need to have a whip-smart social media team that can come up with appropriate responses and seize opportunities on behalf of your brand as they happen.

Also, make sure that your customer service team is monitoring reviews online. Both positive and negative reviews should be addressed. Thanking users for positive comments and letting them know you appreciate their kind words can go a long way to curry favor. Monitoring reviews also gives the brand an opportunity to quickly and professionally address negative comments. Showing customers that the brand is there to stand behind their product and make things right can turn a negative into a positive, giving a boost to the brand reputation.

I Love That Brand!
If you want to create brand loyalty and reputation, look no further than your owned media! Make sure that your website, social media, videos and customer interactions contribute to the conversation in a meaningful way. Allow customers to interact with your brand online and get social with them. If you follow these steps, your brand loyalty and reputation will surely reflect the effort.

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