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Influencer Marketing: Make it an Experience

As public relations (PR) professionals, we’re always thinking about what we can do for our clients. Securing an influencer relationship is one of the many ways in which we can promote their brand and gain impressions and engagement. Securing a positive relationship with an influencer these days takes more than free product or payment – it’s about creating an exciting experience to get them interested in the brand. Many influencers are looking for partnerships that have long-term possibilities, not just one and done engagements. So, what can we do as PR professionals to foster long-term relationships with influencers on behalf of the brands we represent?

Introductions with Style
Just as brands do their best to attract customers, so too should they put their best foot forward to attract influencers. The brand’s introduction is an important piece of gaining the interest and buy-in of desirable influencers. The best way to do this is to create a strategic plan to introduce the product or brand to influencers. Forbes agrees, “The days of sending product to influencers and hoping for a post are over. It’s about crafting an experience and creating true brand advocates.” Maybe this means inviting influencers to a special launch party. Perhaps it’s an exclusive pop-up style experiential shop. Another option would be sending a hand-picked care package after discussing their needs and wants one-on-one. However you decide to present the brand to influencers, make sure that the experience is unique and that they know it’s just for them.  

A Little Something Extra
Influencers want their posts to be distinct, and will therefore want the products they promote to stand out among others. Be sure to highlight how the brand or product you’re representing has that extra something special that sets it apart from the crowd. Think of exclusive and engaging ways to demonstrate the brand’s prowess, and be sure that influencers understand what makes the product different. Help them experience the difference by providing them with preferred interactions with the product and sales team. This will help entice them to want to both use and endorse the product.

Include Important Parties
Influencers aren’t the only ones that will be interacting with the brand. Think about how it fits into their lifestyle and invite their significant others, or possibly their entire family, to experience the products. Influencers that specialize in family and lifestyle products will certainly want to see how the brand fits into their unique family dynamic, so strategize how you can include these important people in the presentation from the beginning. This means you need to do research for each influencer being approached, as everyone has a different family dynamic and there may be more than one decision-maker. While this might seem like a lot of work, it will certainly pay off when influencers see the care you took in presenting them with a product and showing how it fits into their specific lifestyle.    

Key Take-aways
When attracting influencers, it’s important to remember to create an experience that sets the brand apart from others. Take care in how the products are first introduced, show how the brand stands out from the crowd and include all parties that might be part of the decision-making process. By making brand outreach an experience, you’re more likely to attract an influencer for a long-term partnership that provides stability for all parties.  

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