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Why Boutique is Better: The Shift to Smaller PR Agencies

As the saying goes, good things come in small packages. That’s true with public relations (PR) firms as well! You don’t need a big internal PR department or to sign with a large corporate or global firm to receive excellent PR services. A smaller or mid-sized boutique agency can offer a lot, and sometimes in a more nimble and productive manner.

Flexibility and Innovation
Want to try something new? Want to think outside the box? A boutique PR firm might be the best fit for you. With a smaller and more nimble team, boutique firms have the flexibility to turn on a dime. With a larger firm, there are many levels of oversight and approvals needed to make an adjustment in the plan. For smaller boutique firms, the CEO is often the senior team leader as well. They’re involved with strategy every step of the way, so the flexibility to try something or change plans is right there on the conference call with you.

Additionally, boutique firms are able to provide innovation in ways big firms might not. A large firm has a lot of employees, often with very defined roles. A smaller firm is able to act on an innovative idea quickly because it’s all-hands-on-deck. The entire team is constantly thinking about and reaching for innovative ideas. When that special golden nugget is found, it’s easy to mine it because everyone knows what’s going on and plays a part in making sure the clients come first.

Big Fish, Small Pond
Large, national or global firms have a lot going on. The CEO or account manager might not be involved in the daily monitoring of your account. There’s always something happening, and their plate is simply too full. However, at a small boutique agency that has fewer clients and a CEO that’s both the owner and in the office daily, you’ve got their full attention. There’s a level of personalized service that comes with being at a boutique firm. Everyone will know what’s happening with your account, and leadership is involved on a daily basis.

Strength in the Team
Your PR team is a vital part of your success. At a boutique firm, the team is also a vital part of their success. Strengths are identified and tapped with ease, and any weaknesses are addressed with education and coaching. The owner has personally hired each employee to make a well-rounded team, with everyone invested in the success of your business. Entry-level folks have a direct line of communication with account management and the CEO, so innovative ideas or concerns about accounts are discussed easily and with speed. The entire team is working for you, and it will show.

Bet on Boutique
These are just a few ways in which working with a boutique agency could provide your business with the flexibility, innovation and attention it deserves. If you’re looking to either move from a larger firm or just seeking your first PR management experience, try boutique! We think you’ll be happy with the package you get.

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