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Clubhouse: Is it Right for Your Brand?

Since social media is so popular, new social media platforms seem to pop up every couple of months. One of the most recent additions is Clubhouse, which launched about a year ago, but has recently picked up steam. Clubhouse is an invite-only, auditory social media platform. Despite being available only on iOS (Apple) devices, Clubhouse has garnered about 13 million global downloads, with one third of those being in the United States. The purpose of Clubhouse is to encourage open dialogue and communication. There are thousands of rooms dedicated to different topics and industry-focused talks.

Amidst this promise and excitement, you may be wondering if this new platform is right for your company or brand. Let’s take a look!

Clubhouse is Good For:

Thought leaders – Clubhouse can be a great way to elevate your position as a thought leader in your industry. Tech giants like Mark Zuckerberg and Elon Musk have held their own discussions. The important thing to remember is that you must have something unique to add to the conversation. You don’t want to host a discussion that’s already been hosted.

Networking – Professionals looking to expand their networks might find value with Clubhouse. Although the creators are toying with the idea of implementing a subscriber model and tips feature, the platform itself is not about direct selling or advertising. It’s about connecting with people and forming meaningful conversations. With millions of active users there’s plenty of opportunity to connect.

 Limitations of Clubhouse:

Growing pains – One of the biggest challenges Clubhouse faces is live audio moderation. Women have reported incidents of bullying and harassment on the platform. Issues involving anti-Semitism, racism, hate speech and general misinformation have also been reported on the platform. Clubhouse is investigating ways to help monitor and moderate content shared in their space, but it might take a while to get a system in place.

Audience restrictions – The most obvious limitation is the fact that Clubhouse is not currently available to Android users. About 47 percent of Americans are iPhone users. Theoretically, this leaves over 50 percent of the U.S. population unable to participate and hear your message.

Should you Get on Clubhouse?

Not every new platform will be the right fit for your brand. You must think strategically about how to move forward when new social media platforms emerge. It’s important to investigate your target audience, social media goals, overarching branding goals, time and monetary investment available and more. Keep in mind that like most new social media platforms, Clubhouse doesn’t yet have a way to track analytics, monetize content or advertise. Unless this is your absolutely perfect platform, it doesn’t hurt to wait a bit and see how things develop.

Find the Right Fit

The social media landscape is ever-changing. Choosing where your brand and company presence makes the most sense is an important decision. You’ll thank yourself for taking time to step back to look at the whole picture before jumping on Clubhouse or any other new social media platform.

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