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How to Engage with Followers on Social Media

When social media is done right, it can add a ton of value and boost a brand’s reputation. However, it can be hard to keep activity and engagement going on your owned channels. If you want to see engagement through metrics such as likes, shares, comments, audience growth, mentions and click-throughs, you’re going to need to put in the effort to spark those actions from your followers or via best social media marketing services. Here are a few ways a social media marketing partner can help you engage with your followers on social media:

Know your audience – Before you start creating content and replying to comments, you need to know your audience. It helps to figure out which channels they prefer and create accounts on those social platforms. Then, develop personas of the different types of consumers that might engage with your brand so that you can have some insights before posting.

Keep the conversation going – If a follower engages with your brand, make sure to reply. Keep your responses timely, and include a follow up question, if you can, to keep the conversation going. If they post about a need or complaint, be sure to provide helpful resources or solutions to their concerns.

Share UGC – User generated content (UGC) has become a huge source of content for brands. If your followers share or tag you in a post, and the content is appropriate and features your product, go ahead and repost it on your story or timeline.

Give thanks – Let your followers know that you’re thankful for their support by providing them additional and fun ways to engage with your brand. This could be a giveaway or contest where they can win product or other special perks. Followers love the opportunity to connect with brands and feel “in the know.”

Go live – Take advantage of going live and let your followers engage and interact with your brand in real time. There are a variety of tactics and formats for going live, so you’ll need to determine what is right for your brand. Your followers will love the opportunity to be in the moment and participate in a shared experience.

Skip the pitch – One of the most efficient ways to get your customer to engage is to provide them with the content they want. This means content that is authentic, provides value and catches their interest. While it’s okay to have a smattering of sales posts, social media must go beyond “the sale” and cultivate a community where your followers feel connected to one another and the brand.

Fully engaged
It’s not enough to simply have a social media account for your brand and throw out any content that comes to mind. To properly engage with followers, brands need to go the extra mile by providing valuable content and encouraging participation through unique opportunities and swift replies.

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