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How to Find a PR Agency That Leads You Through the Ever-Changing Digital Marketing Landscape

How to Find a PR Agency That Leads You Through the Ever-Changing Digital Marketing Lanscape

Google processes an average of 40,000 search queries every second and getting your brand to show up at the top of the search has become increasingly difficult. That’s why companies are continuing to invest in digital marketing and the sector is expected to grow 9% between 2020 and 2026. But with all the unique strategies available now – and more emerging daily – it can be hard to figure out where to start or what is right for your brand. Instead of just throwing things against the wall and hoping something sticks, a savvy PR agency can guide you through the ever-changing world of digital marketing with a smart roadmap for success. Not only can this help you achieve your goals, but it can ensure your marketing dollars are earning the best possible ROI.

Here are a few things to look for when you’re reviewing services from potential PR agencies.

Omni-channel approach
An omni-channel approach will tap paid, earned and owned tactics to create a comprehensive digital marketing strategy. Paid marketing is digital advertising where your brand might purchase sponsored or promoted posts. Earned media is when various traditional and digital media outlets cover your brand from press releases and other media outreach efforts. Owned digital media includes your social media pages, blogs, thought leadership articles, video content, website and anything else produced and published by your brand. Working with an agency who can handle all pieces of the puzzle can ensure that your content is optimized across all channels.

Stays on top of trends
The digital marketing landscape moves quickly and changes frequently, and your PR agency should be there to help you stay on top of trends. That means that they need to be watching the digital marketing landscape and be able to adapt their strategy if a new trend emerges that would be a good fit for your brand.    

A nimble plan
A strong strategy with a clear vision of how to reach your brand’s goals is important. Look for an agency that can develop a 12-month roadmap that taps best practices, but that is nimble enough to adjust if needed. A good rule of thumb is to work by quarter and evaluate strategy and results after each 90-day period. This way the strategy has enough time to develop results, but your brand isn’t committed to a plan for a whole year if changes need to be made.    

Measure results
You’ll want to see a good return on investment (ROI), and one of the best ways to show that is to measure results. Your digital marketing PR agency should be pulling reports and tracking performance regularly. The specific results that are tracked will likely depend on your brand’s goals. It could be engagement such as likes or comments, click-throughs, website visits, product purchase or other data points. The agency should also be making small adjustments to improve performance as the campaign goes on.  

Digital marketing is an extremely effective strategy but requires a lot of work to ensure it is keeping up with all the ongoing changes. Working with a PR agency that has a digital marketing team can ensure your brand is supported and always optimized for success.

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