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Who inspires you?
My sister is definitely a person that inspires me. While growing up, we were complete opposites. I was outgoing and social; she was introverted and mostly to herself. Though we didn’t get along during our earlier years, mostly due to the large age gap (and me wearing her clothes without permission and vice versa), I always respected her ambition and book smarts. Now that we are both moms, I realize the quiet hardships single moms carry on their shoulders and respect how she overcomes the harder days on her own.

I’d like to say a big part of who I am today was nurtured by watching my sister push through any and all obstacles in her way. Whether it meant working that much harder for engineering professors to take her seriously or waking up that much earlier for a commute that ensured a roof over her daughter’s head – her perseverance and dedication have molded me into the person I am.

What was your first job?
I started at the Aquarium of the Pacific in 2010 as a PR coordinator. It was a great opportunity and one that quickly immersed me into the world of PR — including wearing many hats. From being a spokesperson live on television, to coordinating film shoots as a location manager, and interacting with the cutest aquatic animals—working at the Aquarium of the Pacific was definitely a noteworthy experience for me.

Name two things you consider yourself to be really good at.

  1. Blending into any environment. I have always been outgoing and I think this has helped me adapt to situations and people I’ve encountered. I’ve traveled alone and made friends along the way.
  2. Working under stress. Yes. Somehow, I tend to work well under pressure. I picked up on this in college.

What show are you watching on Netflix right now?
Good Girls. I pretty much enjoy all shows that involve moms being “cool” in a funny way, which is why I also enjoyed Working Moms.

Where is your favorite place to travel?
I love going to Mexico City. The food, the culture and most of all, being with family I don’t frequently see.

What are three things on your bucket list?

  1. Visiting Santorini, Greece is a must before I perish.
  2. Taking my parents on a nice trip abroad with their grandchildren.
  3. Having a vacation home somewhere outside of the U.S.

What recent successes are you most proud of and why?
Professionally, I am always proud when my clients are happy. It means I am doing my part to meet their expectations and inspires me to want to do bigger and better things each day.

Personally, I am proud to see my daughter blossoming into a smart, independent and caring toddler. Our children are a reflection of who we are, and it means I have not messed up being a mom…yet.

What do you love most about Beyond Fifteen?
There is so much to love about working at Beyond Fifteen! When you have a leadership team and a group of colleagues who are exceptionally talented and easy to communicate with, it makes work so much easier. Moreover, working with leaders who support you on every level – professionally and personally – can really add value to work/life balance. Something every human needs.

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