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How to Choose the Right Influencers for Your Brand

Influencer marketing has become a regular part of many brands’ marketing mix, and the industry continues to evolve as more brands and content creators join the field. It has grown into a huge business, especially as Gen Z has entered the buying market and is making purchase decisions. In fact, an influencer isn’t even necessarily a celebrity or creator with a huge following anymore, some brands are tapping influential and loyal customers to reach the level of authenticity demanded by young consumers.

Whether your brand is looking for a celebrity influencer, micro influencer or looking to engage customers for content creation, here are a few things to consider to make sure you choose the right influencer for your brand:

Shared values and good reputation – One of the most important things to determine is if the influencers and your brand have shared values. Authenticity still reigns supreme when it comes to this type of marketing, so you must select an influencer that makes sense for your brand. It’s not enough that the product or service goes well with their content, but you must have some shared core values that will come across in the promotion. You also don’t want to get caught up with an influencer that posts controversial content (unless that’s your brand as well). Look into their other profiles and confirm that their values, tone and posting history are in line with your brand’s voice and values.

Content quality – Quality is important, especially as brands are paying for these placements. When completing your research, confirm that your influencer’s sponsored posts are of the same high quality as their regular posts. You’ll want to pass if their sponsored posts aren’t as well-composed as their regular content.

The metrics make sense – From mega influencers to micro influencers to user generated content (UGC) from top customers, brands should still consider the metrics to make sure they are getting the exposure they need. Influencer marketing has become big business, even with micro influencers charging hefty sums for sponsored posts. Brands should make sure that they are getting the exposure and engagement they need to make it worth the investment. This goes beyond looking at follower count and considers engagement and the online community that the influencer has built.

Target audience and engagement – Some influencers may have the perfect audience profile, but when it comes to sponsored posts, their engagement plummets. Do your research and see how the influencer’s followers respond to sponsored posts. You’ll also want to see how the influencer responds to any engagement. Are they quick to provide likes and comments back to their followers? Do they seem to have a positive relationship with them? All of this makes a difference and will help brands get the most out of every sponsored post.

Communicates clearly – This is someone who will be responsible for part of your brand image. You want to make sure that they are reliable, respond in a timely manner and can communicate clearly with the team. If you walk away from meetings confused or uncertain that you’re on the same page, it might be time to look for another option.

Make the right choice
Selecting an influencer is about so much more than just if their posts look pretty. Brands now need to consider a wide range of qualifications to make sure that the influencer they select is the right fit. From shared values to communication style, influencer marketing is serious business, and brands need to do their research before engaging with content creators.

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