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SEM During the Holidays: Shifting Your Paid Search Strategies to Maintain ROAS

SEM During the Holidays: Shifting Your Paid Search Strategies to Maintain ROAS

The holiday marketing season is upon us and brands need to shift their search engine marketing (SEM) strategies to make sure they are maintaining a solid return on ad spend (ROAS). SEM utilizes paid placements to put your brand front and center. A popular type of SEM is the pay-per-click (PPC) search ad, which lets your brand bid on a spot in the search engine results pages (SERPS) and you then pay each time someone clicks your link. You might feel like your brand has SEM down to a science, but during the holiday season you’ll likely need to adjust your strategy to make sure you’re staying on top. There are a few things to consider as we embrace holiday marketing this year.

Content updates
As everyone gets into the feel of the season, customers will be looking for holiday-specific content. Your regular digital marketing strategies probably won’t catch their eye like something that has a holiday theme. Take time to develop and create content specific for the holidays and deploy your updated marketing with enough time to grab your target’s attention. You’ll want to also do this for your owned media as well. Holiday gift guides and holiday tips can be particularly popular and will provide you with additional content to serve on PPC placements or promoted posts.

Just like your actual content, you’ll want to update your keywords for the holiday season as well. Think about how people look online for holiday gifts. They might search, “Best holiday gifts for Mom” or “Holiday presents for kids.” If you haven’t updated your keywords, you might not get served to these seasonal shoppers.

The holiday season is a fantastic time to double down on your retargeting efforts. Not only are people shopping for themselves, but they are shopping for others as well. Plus, online shoppers often load items into their carts, and then step away to think about the purchase or do more research. Investing in retargeting for these individuals could help seal the deal.

Rethink timing
Your brand might have a solid strategy for which days and times to deliver ads. That could all go out the window during the holiday season. Normal trends may shift, and if you want your brand to capture as many sales as possible, you’ll probably want to expand your day-of-week and time-of-day parameters.

It pays to shift SEM strategies
With the holiday season, your tried-and-true SEM strategies could fall short, negatively affecting your ROAS. By shifting your tactics and making sure that you address the changing needs of your customers, you’ll increase your chances of connecting with them during this unconventional time. Things like making sure to update your content, keywords, investing in retargeting and expanding your ad delivery windows can make a huge difference.

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