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How to Identify White Space in Your Industry to Ensure Your Brand Stands Out

There is so much marketing clutter that it can be easy to wonder how your brand will stand out. Especially in a crowded space like digital marketing, how can your social media advertising, content marketing, influencer marketing and lead generation efforts capture the attention of your target audience when everyone in your industry is selling the same thing? The best way is to identify white space in your industry so that your brand stands out.

What is white space?
When it comes to your brand and services offered, white space simply means offering something that your competitors don’t. It could be something that customers feel is missing from the options available in the market, or it could be how you connect with your customers through your messaging. The idea is to be innovative and find a niche for your brand, particularly as it pertains to your marketing message.  

How do you find your white space?
Now that you know you need to be innovative in your approach, how do you discover the areas of opportunity? Here are a few places to start:

Share of Voice (SOV) – You’ll need to determine your starting point before creating a plan to move forward. Finding out your SOV through services like Cision can help you figure out how much of the marketing conversation your brand currently owns compared to your competitors. This will give you a good jumping off point.

Key Message Search – You might think you know what is being searched about your brand, but a deep dive into a key message search may surprise you. There might be a significant question that keeps popping up, or you may discover that there is a missing need to be filled. Either way, this will give you some good background into what your target looks for online as they search for your brand specifically.

Search Listening – This is how you’ll get insights into what is being searched for about your industry as a whole. As AnswerThePublic notes, there are over three billion Google searches every day, and 20 percent have never been seen before. These searches offer a wealth of information and provide a huge data-set for gaining insights into your industry. The key from here is to start answering the questions that are going unanswered.

Your Current Customers – Your customers could be telling you something on your owned channels already. It could be obvious like replies, reviews, likes or comments on specific content, or it could be a deafening silence of low engagement on specific topics. Make sure you listen to them, even when they are quiet.

Find your space
Once you figure out where the white space is within your industry, you can start crafting messaging or product/service offerings to fill the gap. This will help your brand stand out in a crowded digital marketing space and put the spotlight on your messaging.

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