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Is Your Company Leveraging Video?

Video has been gaining ground as a critical component to digital marketing strategies. From long form video on platforms like YouTube to short videos on TikTok, consumers are obsessed with video. In fact, since 2018, the amount of time people spend watching video online has almost doubled.

Why is video important?
Video can be an incredibly important tool in your company’s digital marketing strategy. Here are a few stats on video’s significance:

So, is your company leveraging video to its fullest extent? Let’s take a look!

How can your company leverage video?
Adding video to your strategy will help ensure you are connecting with your audience. However, not all video is created equal, here are a few types of video to consider based on your business goals:

Explainer – Explainer videos walk your target audience through a specific topic. Within this type of video, you will want to cover the problem, the solution (most likely your product or service), how it works and include a call to action (CTA). When creating an explainer video, it is important to speak authentically to your audience. The Dollar Shave Club has created an incredibly popular explainer video.

Vlog – This is a blog in video format. It is often one person speaking directly into the camera, as if they are talking face-to-face with the audience. Content for these can vary in length but provide an intimate connection with the audience and when done well will feel extremely authentic. A great example of a vlog is vlogbrothers by John and Hank Green.

Ads – Video ads can be used in a variety of ways. They can run on social media, before content on platforms like YouTube (and can be hosted there as well) or even on CTV platforms like Hulu. These are exactly what they sound like, an ad for your company or product. Video ads allow you to target your audience through a multitude of platforms and settings. Check out Amazon’s Echo Dot ad that is both a digital video ad, as well as a television ad.

Product demo – Product demos put the spotlight on your product or service and allow you to walk your target audience through its key benefits. We are all super familiar with Zoom now, but back in 2018 it made this video to demo the product.

Show it!
Video is a great way to connect with your audience. As the statistics above demonstrate, audiences are loving video. Beyond identifying the best type of video, make sure you put your best foot forward and incorporate these best practices.

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