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Keyword Types Every Social Media Strategy Should Track

The world of social media can be difficult to navigate, especially when it comes to keywords and tracking how well a social media strategy is doing. After all, how do you decide which keywords should be tracked?

Social media is an important part of digital marketing and though most businesses know that keywords need to be tracked, many aren’t sure of the finer details.

What Should Be Tracked on Social Media?

Creating a successful social media strategy isn’t always straightforward, so we’ve made things a little easier by collating a list of the different types of keywords every social media strategy should track.

  • Brand Keywords:It is important for every business to track brand keywords and competitors’ brand keywords. This is the best way to find out how you and your products or services are being spoken about online. Then you can compare this to your competitors and make the necessary improvements.
  • Person Keywords: If you have a prominent CEO or spokesperson, you must monitor them as keywords. An individual’s social media presence can have huge impact on a business’ reputation, so every social media strategy should aim to stay on top of what they’re doing and what’s being said about them.
  • Campaign Keywords: No social media strategy nor an effective content marketing strategy is complete without tracking campaign keywords. Whether you’re running campaigns online or offline, they will be mentioned on social media. Monitoring these as keywords ensures you are the first to know when something goes wrong and whether the campaign is working at all.
  • Product Keywords: Social media is the first place most people go to comment on a product or service, which is why it’s vital for a social media strategy to track this. It will help you to understand what is popular, what is not and what needs improvement.

Tracking these types of keywords is important if you want your social media strategy to succeed. Social media marketing is extremely competitive and having a strategy in place isn’t enough, you need to know whether it’s working or not. Tracking these keywords will give you a great insight. To find out more about social media and social media marketing, contact Beyond Fifteen.

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