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Taking your PR strategies global

Public relations strategies have become a core component of any global marketing campaigns. However, this does not mean that a single public relations strategy will work internationally. A key element of a successful campaign performing on the global stage is ensuring that your public relations strategy is primed to adapt to the expanded audience too. Here are our four top tips for taking your campaign worldwide.

  1. For most businesses, the expansion into global markets is a big ask. Consider a more focused initial expansion into one or two territories where you can take the time and effort to make sure you get it right, before expanding again. This can also help ensure you don’t spread your budget too thin.
  1. Take the time to research cultural norms before kicking off your PR strategy in a new market. Even in markets that speak the same language, the culture and modes of communication can be quite different. Reactions to bombast, subtlety or humor, for example, can vary depending on whether you’re talking to someone in the U.S., Australia or the UK.
  1. Always check with reliable sources that your brand name, product name or slogans don’t have unfortunate translations or connotations in the local language or culture. Too many companies and products have suffered from this complication in the past, including Nokia’s Lumia phone – “lumia” apparently being an obsolete Spanish slang word for “prostitute.” It can work both ways too: the sports drink Pocari Sweat is very popular in Japan, but not so much in primarily English-speaking countries.
  1. One of the best ways to avoid some of the problems we’ve mentioned is to work with native contacts in the territories you’re expanding into, whether that means hiring full-time or contracting a local on a freelance basis. For a non-English speaking territory, always work with someone who is comfortably bilingual. It can be invaluable working with someone who can keep you right not just on language, but also ensure your public relations strategies are culturally and tonally correct.

Expanding into international markets can be a daunting prospect for businesses, but following these tips will put you a step closer to making sure your global PR strategy is sound.

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