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Influencer Marketing: 6 Ways Influencers Can Bolster Your Social Media Results

Digital marketing, particularly in the social media landscape, is incredibly crowded and it can be difficult and expensive to make your mark. While not new, influencer marketing continues to be on the rise, with Influencer Marketing Hub predicting that influencer marketing expenditures will reach $4.6 billion in 2023, in the U.S. alone. The trend has continued to grow, especially as micro-influencers have gained popularity making it a cost-effective solution for any brand.  

Here are six ways leveraging an influencer can help your social media results:

  1. Targeted
    An influencer, especially a micro- or a nano-influencer, often has a very targeted and engaged following. Leveraging an influencer who is passionate about a specific topic and already seen as a leader or trend-setter in that space can help you expand your reach to a niche audience. Providing purchasing codes to your influencers audience can allow you to track sales among this targeted group.
  2. Credibility
    When a trusted influencer promotes your brand, that gives it additional credibility. In fact, 61 percent of consumers reported that they trust influencers’ recommendations. Building trust with your audience through an influencer can not only open the door for new customers but also solidify brand loyalty in current consumers.
  3. Explore different platforms
    It can be incredibly costly to engage in a new social media platform. From developing strategy, to creating content and then finally making an ad buy large enough to realize results and ROI. However, engaging with an influencer on a new platform can give your brand an idea if your target audience is there and engaging before creating your own strategy.
  4. Variety of content
    Influencers are known for developing their own content. In fact, a brand should want an influencer to take its product or service and create something authentic embracing the influencer’s own voice and speaking to their audience. This provides brands more content to promote, especially if engaging with more than one influencer.
  5. Promotes engagement
    Engagement is a very important metric to any digital strategy and partnering with an influencer can increase engagement from the target audience. Engagement rates will vary based on the audience, influencer type and platform, so brands should closely track which influencers and platforms earn the most engagement from their target audience. An influencer can bring the target audience into the fold, and make people feel comfortable engaging with a brand.
  6. ROI
    When your company invests in social media marketing, it’s likely that it will want to see a strong ROI, which can help prove that the placement is working. On average, for every $1 spent on an influencer, a brand can expect an average return of $18. That’s a great ROI, especially since the content creation is completed by the influencer.


Get social
Social media is a wonderful way to connect with your target audience, and tapping an influencer can bolster a brand’s results. From nano-influencers with small, highly targeted audiences to mega-influencers and celebrities reaching far and wide, there’s an influencer for every brand and every type of campaign.

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