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The Top Five Services to Look for in a Social Media Marketing Firm

The Top Five Services to Look for in a Social Media Marketing Firm

Selecting the right PR agency to handle your social media is crucial. Your social media channels are often a consumers first impression of your company and can shape the conversation with your target audience. To ensure you are standing out from the competition, it is important that your social media strategy focuses on more than just copy. Therefore, to ensure you are set up for success, here are five services you should look for when selecting a social media marketing firm:

  1. Social media audit
    You may already know that your social media needs help. Or you might think things are going well but need some extra support. Either way, seek out an agency that starts with a social media audit of both your brand and its existing content, as well as competitors in the space. These insights can lay the foundation for your strategy moving forward and provide solid evidence for what is working, what isn’t, what your competitors are up to and how you can stand out.
  2. Graphic Design
    Social media is a highly visual medium. Copy is important, but it isn’t the only aspect of a strong social media presence. Each platform will require unique multimedia content that is on strategy and on brand. This could include photos/images, graphics, video, customized GIFs and more. Ideally your PR agency will be able to provide support for all your social media content.
  3. Industry Trend Insights
    Things move quickly in the digital landscape, especially on social media. In an ever-changing online world, your social media marketing firm should be up to date on shifting trends, channel updates, popular hashtags and more. This means that they will study the current landscape and create branded hashtags that make sense for your message, but also incorporate what’s trending so your brand can be part of the online conversation.
  4. Ongoing Optimization There’s no rinse and repeat when it comes to a successful social media campaign. Look for a PR agency that is constantly striving for optimization and tweaking campaigns and content when necessary. This could be small adjustments on the back end for target settings, or it could be a new take on content. Just make sure they’re working all angles to keep your campaign moving forward.
  5. Paid and Owned Integration
    When it comes to social media, brands will often choose a two-pronged approach and engage with paid and owned placements. Owned placements are those that are posted and housed on your social accounts and paid are ads that can be served to a targeted audience, even if they don’t follow you. Since you’ll likely want these to be coordinated efforts, it would be beneficial for your social media marketing firm to be able to support both.

Social media marketing offers a wide range of platforms and formats with which to find and engage your target audience. Since the opportunity to connect with your customer is immense, hire a PR agency that’s a one-stop shop and can provide a strong suite of services.

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